As you saw in my twitter I had the gym fight against Volkner and won! Now I am already back on track and travelling west again. But firstly a few words to this great gym fight and what lead us to do it like this.

For a little while now I was helping to rebuild the gym here in Sunyshore City. As already written once, we had to rebuild the whole gym from scratch and made it even better now in the process ;D. My pokémon did get a LOT stronger in this short time while helping us out with their strength. Mostly my Luxray Comet did seem to get more and more eager for a serious fight against the Luxray of Volkner. Comet became a little bit too playful and got a little too much self-confidence during the evolution. He did not notice that he wouldn’t stand a chance at first against Volkner’s Luxray. I did try to tell him that and e seemed to understand it a little. So we secretly started to train and I made a little deal with Volkner that once the time is ready, I want to let only our two Luxray fight against each other for the badge. He accepted and Comet and I did work harder than ever together!

Then last Saturday we actually finished rebuilding the gym. Sure there are still a few small places with a bit of more work to do, but most of it is done now. All people and pokémon who helped to rebuild the gym did come together and we decided to prepare a little reopening party for Sunday. And still during the meeting, Volkner did speak to all the trainer who helped and did ask them for a gym fight! Yes, Volkner did ask us trainer if he could battle us! Normally it’s the other way around, trainers challenge the gym leader xD

So Volkner wanted to battle and also I did get asked. But it was a little bit different in my case. All other trainers wanted to battle him during this week and later but for me he wanted something special – a fight without much preparation, Volkner asked to battle me in just a few minutes after the meeting! And of course only the two Luxray! What could I say? I accepted happily ^^
You can read the whole fight in my twitter!

Then yesterday we had that great party. All people which did help and were still near Sunyshore were invited. It was a great time. But also a little bit a sad event, because many of these people would leave just soon after the party was over and we would not see us again that soon. I was one of them. My main goal was to obtain the badge which I had now. Of course there was still some work to do but right at the beginning of the party Volkner did take the word telling us all that all trainers shall no longer stay here and work. Trainers are meant to be on the road, traveling all around and challenge many challenges. Staying here much longer would be against a trainers nature. He of course was sad but it would make him even more sad to see a trainer stopping his journey. He was a trainer too once and knows that we all want to go out and have fun. The work is done and the rest can be done by the people which are officially working at the gym.

The party did go till early in the morning hours. Now it’s already past midnight and I am still up because I did leave Sunyshore in the late afternoon XD
Next destination are the hotels of Grand Lake. Not to make vacation but to get some more supplies. I kinda felt bad to take too much with me from Sunyshore ^^; So I only packed in the most necessary stuff.

Okay! I am back on track with a new badge, an awesome strong team and a lot of new energy! Take care, soon we may will fight against each other and I won’t be an easy opponent!

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