Lake Valor

As ya may noticed in my twitter and here in my website, I still did not reach the hotels of Grand Lake yet.

When I finally could see the outlines of the hotels through the fog I also noticed a person standing in the middle of the way with a pokémon on each side. Stepping closer I could see it was officer Jenny with two Arcanine wondering what she was doing there I walked to her but before I could ask anything she already spoke up. This part of the beach would currently be a restricted area. The Shellos eggs which were hidden in the sand did hatch due to the warm sand of the past few days. Now all over the beach are tiny little Shellos which need to be protected until they can protect them self! So I had to take a detour north to the Lake of Valor where I am right now.

Once I reached this mystical lake I just had to make a picture of it. The now warm fog really looked mysterious over the silent water. In fact, the day started pretty cold and wet but during the day it got warm and actually hot again! And the fog did it’s job to soak everything completely wet… At least it’s too warm to catch a cold and the broadcast said that it will stay warm in the night.
Anywho, back to the mysterious lake ~ in the center of the lake is a small isle with a big boulder on it which seemed to stand mightily all over the lake. Some people say, that there is a hidden cave somewhere on this rock in which the pokémon Azelf lives. Who knows…?!

Due to the fog and the rain I had to retrieve Torny into his pokéball. All the water did tear a little on his power and when he stays too wet for a long time he gets grouchy ;P Sorry Torny XD Traveling alone is not that nice but I don’t want my pokémon to get wet and suffer just because of me D:

Luckily all my devices, my camera, my pokécom or my pokédex are all waterproof now. A few years ago, my biggest concern in such weather was to protect my devices from too much water… Now I only want my pokémon to stay dry xD

Tomorrow I will walk around the lake and and down on the other side to the east side of the hotel-complex. So no chance to get dry until I am in Pastoria City”s pokémon center >_

Then soon I also have to prepare for the next gym fight already. As far as I know, the leader of Pastoria City is using water-type pokémon.. as if I wouldn’t be wet enough already…. anyway, with my Comet I don’t think I’ll have too much of a problem against the leader Crasher Wake. However, he is a gym leader and they should never be underestimated!

So then, have a great and hopefully dry night in a dry bed XD

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