The Sinnoh League Suzuran Tournament

Yesterday evening was the opening ceremony of the Sinnoh League Suzuran Tournament. All of the 128 trainer which are taking part this year gathered in the center of the big stadium – including me. Charles Goodshow spoke to us trainers and wished us luck and fun for the upcoming fights.
Then the traditional Lavados – Torch got ignited by two trainer, a female and a male trainer. The Tournament had officially begun.
Now all the trainers appeared on the big screen inside the stadium and got mixed together into pairs for the first fighting round. My first opponent will be Jill, a female trainer from the Sinnoh Region.
A BIG firework ended the opening Ceremony.

On the way back to my room I looked through the rules of the tournament. They did change a little from what I originally knew. And the fact that there are “only” 128 trainer makes it even more special.
All in all there will be seven fighting rounds. The trainer that looses will be out of the tournament.
From Round 1 till Round 4 you’re allowed to use just three pokémon, Round 5 are fights with four, the semi-final round 6 will be with five and finally the final round with 6 pokémon.
Each round, the remaining trainers will get shuffled into new pairs again, so you never really know which of the remaining trainers you’ll have to fight (unless in the final of course XD).
Also each round, the terrain you’re fighting on will change. There are several different undergrounds, from normal ground, Rocks, Grass, Sand to Water or ice, everything could be possible.
Due to the amount of trainers, the first four rounds will be thought in the big center stadium and also in the smaller three stadiums which are surrounding the big one. Because of the size-difference, the field in the big stadium will be limited to make it even fights. Until the day of the fight, you don’t know in which stadium you’ll have to fight. Then starting at round five, all the remaining battles will be held in the big one and also on the big field.
There actually are no time-limits for the fights. Round one will be 16 fights per stadium which is quiet a lot. so they did calculate two days for that. But in case one fight suddenly takes more than one hour, the times could easily change and an additional day would be added. That’s why there may be one free day after round one – or not. As far as I know, it should be pretty much fair. But hey, pokémon battles can always happen no matter if ya just had one yesterday. Plus it’s a tournament and that’s what they’re about, FIGHTS!

My first fight will already be tomorrow against the trainer Jill, as I’ve already mentioned. I did check her data and pokémon a little and hope my strategy I did set up will be the right one to win. She’s in my age but started her journey just last year. However she already made some impressive fights. Well, all 128 people here have an quite impressive history. It’s the Sinnoh League after all ^^;

So then, a nice rest and tomorrow we’ll rock the stadium!

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