At Prof. Elm’s Lab

We reached New Bark Town and are at the Professor’s Lab now. Finally I could introduce my team to the rest of my pokémon. They were pretty astonished about how many I did already catch until now!

And just a short update, I am still working on the website and with Professor Elm’s help we should soon be able to reopen the pokédex and finish the user-pages. Prof. Elm may look a little bit clumsy sometimes but he is an expert in nearly everything he does. He could give me a lot of hints how and where I can improve the website.

Soon Torny and I will set out again to Goldenrod City where we’ll catch a plane to the Unova region. It’s so far away, that the flight will take many hours! Never did fly to such a faraway place! We’re both already getting really excited x3

So then, I should finally finish and go to bed, there are many new adventures in front of us and we will surly need all power we can get!

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