An electric battle!

It was a pretty spontaneous gym match today! Normally you first ask for that challenge and set the date to do it. However tonight was a special event in town where people could challenge the gym leader if they had the guts to do so!

Of course there were still the official battle rules. Elesa the gym leader accepted only three fights at most, two Pokémon in each fight. I am so happy that I did hear about that chance and was there early enough (as third) for my challenge!

The first fight Elesa made was a pretty intensive battle already. Elesa and the trainer fighting her did not make any gifts and attacked with all they had. But two, three fatal faults of the trainer did cost him his two Pokémon while he could only defeat one of her.
The second fight was over so incredibly fast that after the second trainer’s Pokémon were defeated, no one spoke anything for at least a minute. Then the crowd freaked out after that awesome show they just saw!

My battle started at an even higher speed than the first two. I guess Elesa did choose the Pokémon related to the knowledge of the tainers. I was definitely the one with the longest journey already with my Torny from Johto. But of course my Pokémon also are fast. And not just that, my Zap even did become faster during the first fight against her Zebstrika because it evolved into one as well! The Evolution brought me the victory over her Zebstrika.
For the second battle I did call my Zap back and did send in my Torny against her Eelektross. I was sure that Elesa would now show her most powerful Pokémon and I was right. Torny and I had to give our utmost to hold on to the speed and strength of that Eelektross. Even more because it also knew a few water attacks! But in the end there can only be one Pokémon standing and it was my Torny. With our new attack Shadow Claw we defeated Eelektross and won the Badge!

I may got my badge already but tomorrow I’ll have to go to the gym to get the “licence” of the badge for my Trainer-Pass, nothing special. After that I will prepare for the next part of our journey to the west. There also is a way east but I really need to get back into the mountains and the snow which I miss so much! So west and up the mountains!

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