Bridge Maintenance

We’ve reached the Driftveil Drawbridge today. On the other side of the bridge lies Driftveil City. However we are unable to cross it… There are annual maintenance going on and the bridge is closed for passing during that time. It’s said that they should be over by Thirsday evening so we won’t have to wait here too long.

Plus it’s not actually that bad to wait. There are already quite a few Pokémon trainers here around now and it kinda looks like some are thinking about making a little tournament XD

Already today I had a nice fight against a trainer from the Hoenn region! Yes! Hoenn! He came over here for a new challenge too!
We made a little double battle. Although I saw a few Pokémon from the Hoenn region already and even if they’re more familiar to me than the ones from here Unova, I don’t know too much about the moves of the Pokémon.

My opponent did send in a Zangoose and a Seviper. As I know from my short school time, these two are actually enemies out in the wild. But these two did support each other really great!
I did send in Dewott and Scraggy. They also get along pretty well but the other two always could keep the upper hand over the fight ^^;
In the end it was a close call but we lost XD However the training is always great! You cannot train better and learn more than in a direct battle I think.

Tomorrow I’ll travel a little more south down the sea. I’ve heard, that you can get quite an impressive look of the Desert Resort from a hill a little south of us. However I know that the weather for tomorrow is said to be a little worse.. Hope I’ll still be able to see something XD

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