A tensed up cave

Who would’ve thought about that, I am through the Chargestone Cave and in Mistralton City! You probably wonder why I didn’t tell you anything? The problem was not that my PokéCom or my Camera did not work. They did all the way through the cave. No, the problem was that I simply didn’t have any signal in there! XD The special electricity and magnetic field in the cave makes it nearly impossible or at least verrrrry expensive to build up such a network. That’s why there is only an emergency call possible. But I of course did want to tell you some things when I was in the cave!

Firstly when we were a little in, we found quite a large group of Klink and Klang surrounding the blue glowing rocks which can be found everywhere in the cave. These rocks are tensed up so much, that they started to glow in a blue light and float in the air! If you have something that’s made of rubber or simply something that does not transmit electricity then you can even touch them and push them around! Imagine a three meter high rock which you simply push around with your small finger xD

Then deeper inside it got pretty dark and within two or three days we totally lost our feeling for time. We slept when we were tired, eat when we were hungry and the rest of the time we walked or had fun.
More and more electro Pokémon appeared such as Tynamo, Eelektrik and Ferrothorn.

We followed the normal path till we were at the deepest point of it but the cave was not yet at its. When we reached it, a huge hall opened up in front of us. A guardrail was stained at the edge of the cliff inside the hall because right at the front of the path was an enormous chasm. Due to the poor light of the blue rocks you couldn’t see its ground. Just sometimes here and there were a few blue rocks glittering in the distance which made it nearly look like a night sky.
I found a small path that lead down the chasm a little further and where skilled people were allowed to make some excavation! So I took the chance and could dig me up some thunderstones!

We then followed the path back up the cave again and after a few more days of not knowing if it was day or night we suddenly reached the exit of the Chargestone Cave! It was just around lunchtime when we were out of the cave and because we were hungry, I cooked a nice meal in the shining sun. The path to Mistralton City was not long and so by evening we arrived here.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the airport and look for the gym! My Pokémon are ready for the next battle and don’t want to wait any longer! Take care gym leader of Mistralton City, we are strong and now also really tensed up! XD

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