Before the Grand Trial against Kahuna Hala

So today I did face off in my first grand trial against Melemele’s Kanuhna Hala. But I want to write what happened before the Trial in it’s own post first as I don’t have the energy left to write the whole day’s worth of stuff that happened. So “part 2” will follow tomorrow!

I arrived in Iki Town around midday, as Hala requested from me. He was just coming out of his house when I walked past the battle field in the center of the town.
We did greet each other with “Alola” before he told me, that we would take the path to the north of the town, the Mahalo Trail, that would lead us up the mountain to the Ruins of Conflict. There, the Kahuna will always pray to the Tapu to watch over them in the upcoming grand trial.

He was however not alone. Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island was with him, as she introduced herself to me. Apparently Professor Kukui told every Kahuna about me, not just Hala. And she wanted to see that “handsome trainer” herself… Not that I mind a compliment, I’m just not used to ’em.
Also she had some news for Hala about other trainers that are currently on the Island Challenge, as well as that she offered to be the referee for today’s grand trial.

The three of us climbed up the trail that lead to a beautiful waterfall. A wooden bridge was build across the canyon the water had eroded into the mountain.
Across it we reached the cave where the Ruins of Conflict lay. There always used to be an altar for the guardian deity Tapu Koko but a … disaster destroyed the original altar and thus they became “ruins”. At least that’s what the Kahunas told me. The way they said it made it clear that they knew what the disaster was and just didn’t want to tell me. At least not yet.

After crossing the biggest hall of the cave we reached a small room. Inside stood the original altar stone, almost unscathed compared to the rest of the ruins. A sort of balcony had been built behind it onto which Hala climbed up.
On top stood a new altar, covered in leaves and colourful clothes. Berry offerings were set before it by various people. The altar could be visited by anyone who wanted.
Hala asked me to get up there too, Olivia waited below at the original stone.

He spoke his prayer which I would love to repeat here but I don’t want to write it incorrectly so I will omit it in case of errors.
As soon as the prayer had been spoken, a shriek sounded from the entrance behind us. It was Tapu Koko (!) which quickly took a look at me and then flew away again.
“Seems like Tapu Koko took a liking to you and will probably take a close look on our fight later” remarked Hala with a grin. “This will be interesting indeed” continued Olivia.

We descended back to the town where a group of people had already gathered around the battle field. Either everybody knew when these grand trials would take place or the shriek of Tapu Koko could’ve been heard even down in the village.

Hala and I took position opposite each other and Olivia announced the grand trial to begin.

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