Something’s odd with the Z-Ore

Today I visited Kahuna Olivia at her shop to check on the Z-Power-Ring she offered to build for me. She had contacted me again yesterday when I was just coming out of Diglett’s Tunnel that there seems to be a problem with the Z-Ring-Ore. She wanted to explain it to me today at the workshop.

Olivia greeted me warmly when I entered the shop this morning and apologised right away, bowing her head so far down that she slipped and fell over… I helped her up and said that it’s obviously okay, yet she insisted that it shouldn’t have taken her that long without a result.

She showed me the Z-Power-Ring, or rather the individual parts, still not assembled. The problem was, that the parts she gathered and usually use for the Z-Power-Rings started to decay when putting near this Z-Ring-Ore. She had never seen this happening before. Luckily the Mega Stone didn’t seem to suffer the same effect. In fact, it looked even more shiny than when I gave it to her. She told me she had polished it, ready for the fitting when she noticed the other parts breaking.

She told me she had a different Z-Power-Ring she could give me as substitute, at least for now. Something was up with this Ore that she couldn’t explain yet and feared it may not be usable at all. She would however love to keep trying as the Tapu Pokémon intended this stone to be mine.
I did get my mega stone back for now however. She had the size and dimensions written down and could add it later once she found a material that wouldn’t crumble.

Yet crumble did the Z-Power-Ring she gave me when I tried it out the first time. Or rather it did break – not the Z-Ore part luckily, but the band.

Olivia guided me behind the shop where I shall try out a real Z-Move for the first time. I put in my Fightinium Z I got from Hala and together with Lucario we performed the Z-Poses Hala showed me for the move “All-Out Pummeling”.
The feeling when performing such a Z-Move is hard to describe. The power building up inside me and then transferring visibly to the Pokémon as we move in sync. I really hope I can train that again soon.
The Z-Power-Ring broke when I was building up the energy. A snap followed by a feeling of power leaking away hinted at it. We still managed to perform a decent hit for our first time together but it clearly lacked power.

Olivia at first was very happy that we even managed to perform the Z-Move at all on your very first try but when I showed her the Z-Power-Ring she looked puzzled. I apologised and saw her looking firstly at the ring, then me, then the ring again, me again…
A faint “don’t worry about it” was the only thing I could register. Then she suddenly looked shocked as she probably registered the crack. I apologised again and said I hope I can somehow make up for it. She nearly tripped as she jumped back surprised, but I could catch her in time around her waist.

A bit flustered she said that I really should not worry. The main stone was still in tact and the rest could be fixed again. She took the ring off of me, saying she’ll analyse it as it might give her a clue what could have happened and what might be possible with the Z-Ore I brought her.
“This needed to have happened” she told me.
Yet it was weird that this Z-Power-Ring broke in the first place. That never happened. As if it was overloaded with wrong power? She pointed at the line where the ring broke apart. You could clearly see a sort of faint cubic crystallisation. Something she never had seen before.

As for what I’ll do now, travel around Akala Island. There are a lot of things to see here, including an active volcano! It been so long me and Torny had seen one.

Olivia would also contact the other Kahuna of they had seen something similar already.
Also she asked me to come to the annually Wela Fire Festival that will take place in a few days on top of mount Wela. But just a warning, hundreds of people will be visiting it and I should not come too late.

Also, while I’ll be travelling around, I might slow down on updates here a bit. Just a heads up in case you will be wondering why it got a bit more silent all of a sudden!

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