Grand Trial against Kahuna Nanu

I knew this guy…

As asked by the other Kahuna, he brought me to the altar and I could listen to the prayer.

A righteous heart harbours malice, and a malicious heart harbours righteousness.
May the two blend together and bring forth further evolution.


He challenged me not to use my Z-Power-Ring. If I truly was here to get a better understanding with my Pokémon and not for power like all the rest, I would not need that. He had a point and so I took it off and handed it over to Zoroark who was watching from the sidelines.

Together with Torny and Lucario we beat him actually fairly easily. Our silent communication caught him off guard. He acknoledges our strength and wanted to give us our price a Darkium-Z but I told him, we already had one.

Acerola came running and handed me a Ghostium-Z! I shall take this one then. Gengar surely will have lots of fun with it!

Nanu looked at Zoroark. It was him who protected Nanu back during the Ultra Beast attack. Nanu felt sorry for what happened, I could tell.
He hopes that Zoroark will get better again but to him it looks like Zoroark might not be able to fight anymore.

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