Close to 100!

A lot of trainers recently came to Alola in order to fight me for the World Coronation Series. As I was pretty busy with the rebuilds (and occasional Ultra Beast happenings), I had to decline some of these battles. Kindly though, the organisation behind the World Coronation Series (as well as all the trainers) were so kind as to postpone some of these battles.

However now that all the important rebuilding has been taken care of, the fights took place in quick succession. Especially a trainer from the Galar Region was a tough to beat opponent, also because I hardly knew her kind of Pokémon as I have not yet been to that region. But in the end my team and I came out victorious after every battle and made our way to the 103rd spot!

This means, the next opponent will probably be from the Ultra Class (Rank 9-99) and beating him or her would grant me a spot in the top 100. My team is ready (if there isn’t another important Ultra Beast call or rebuilding needed… sorry, they still have priority).

Today I’ll head back to Melemele Island. Professor Kukui needs me for some important task, although he didn’t tell me what.

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