Of Shellos and Gastrodon!

A little later than firstly thought I reached Pastoria City. I had to take the back-route around the hotel grandlake because the beach was, and is still, a restricted area. Eggs of Shellos which were hidden in the sand did hatch due to the warm weather lately. And since there are not just a few but a LOT, plus some older Gastrodon which came to support them, the area had to be closed.

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This week I stayed in Veilstone City to help cleaning up. It’s now already over one week since the earthquake and the big wave. Here, everything is starting to work normal again. Also at my home it’s pretty normal again, a few days before I could finally call my parents in Ecruteak City.
Another part of the ruins of the burned Brass Tower did crash together. No one got hit but it’s sad to head that this tower fell apart even more now.

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Catching a ghost

As I wrote on my twitter account, I went out to catch a ghost pokémon. I know that the next gym leader Fantina is using ghosts. I come from Ecruteak City and as you may know and our gym leader Morty also uses ghost pokémon. He told us young kids a lot about ghosts and hey, I even could beat him and get his badge ;D
So I tried to teach my new pokémon how they have to deal with ghosts. But it’s hard to teach without having a real ghost to show ^^; So I decided to catch a ghost and train ’em together with it!

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