Hey everyone! I’m Miingno W. from Ecruteak City, Johto. I was born 19 December 1988 and am a pokémon trainer currently travelling around the world to discover new pokémon, battle against other trainers and in gyms as well as the pokémon league.

Some additional information about me:

Hair ColourBlond
Eye ColourBlue-Gray
Blood TypeA+
Zodiac SignsSagittarius / Dragon
HobbiesBlogging, Photography
Various InfoRight handed, vegetarian, wears glasses

First time I really got noticed by the people probably was during the UBF2010 – Ultimate Battle Frontier 2010. I managed to get into the top 50 trainers of hundreds of trainers that were invited to the event from all around the world.
Hopefully one day I can be part of something of this scale again. Until then, I just keep on travelling around the world and try to become the best trainer possible!


Of course I must mention my very first pokémon and longest companion on my journeys Torny, my Typhlosion.

When I was ten years old, I found a pokémon egg in the backyard of my parents house. I knew not how it got there at the time but was thrilled when I was allowed to keep it. Out of it, my very first pokémon, a Cyndaquil, hatched. We immediately became best friends and are now trainer and pokémon partner for life.