At home

You might be wondering where I am right now. To make it easier to follow my journey, I’ll add a tracker somewhere somehow. Still figuring out how this website works…
As for now I’m back home in Ecruteak City in Johto preparing for my next journey. It probably will be a short one as later this year I’ll be heading out to the new pokémon league in the Galar region that only recently opened its doors. This time I am definitely aiming for the top spot!

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Next Steps

I planned our route a little ahead. We’ll travel north through the lately re-opened Marine Tube to Humilau City for a next gym-fight. Then we will go west and back to Opelucid City for a re-match against Drayden. Then we will head north to the Unova-League. The tournament will soon start and we don’t wanna miss it.

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