Tapu Lele

While trying to recover from the broken ribs, I did some research on what I could do to help Zoroark. He was still in serious condition but it didn’t seem to be getting worse right now at least.
One article that peaked my interest at random was about an exhibition match after the first Manalo Tournament between the champion and Professor Kukui. During the fight, both sides used up their Z-Move and thus were unable to use another one until Tapu Lele had appeared and healed them, allowing both to use a second Z-Move. Again at the end of the match, when both were exhausted on the ground it appeared again, healing the Pokémon and the trainers back up a second time. Could Tapu Lele maybe help my Zoroark as well? There was only one way to find it out.

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UB-01 Symbiont

Much has happened again this past week and I will try to quickly summarise it, although it won’t be an easy feat… I hope writing this will calm me down a bit and prepare me for the next mission.

The day after I had brought the crystals to Kahuna Olivia for the Z-Power-Ring, she called and told me that they would be perfect and she will get right to work. Luckily I didn’t have to leave my Mega-Stone with her because I was in dire need of it for what was about to happen.

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This one might work

It seems like I have found a material that could work as the band for the Z-Power-Ring!

Last night I had a dream. In it, I was wandering up a hill during daytime, somehow following a feeling that on top I could find something. Indeed I saw a black Pokémon singing in a harmonious but deep tune. It was floating over what looked like a seed of some sort.
As I got closer, I could feel the revitalising sound deep in my bones and the seed on the dirty ground started to grow. Within just a couple of seconds, a large tree had emerged from the seed.

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Pikachu Valley

Today I was at the Pikachu Valley with Pichu! We had a great time and I could tell, Pichu can hardly wait to evolve into a Pikachu!

Pikala, the girl taking care of all the Pikachu in the valley, instantly recognised Pichu as a Johto kind. Despite her appearance, she’s incredibly knowledgeable and caring.
She also gave me Pikachu ears and a tail to wear while I was there, making me look like a Pikachu, which amused my Pichu and Torny massively. Until Torny got the same treatment.

Pichu had a lot of fun with all the Pikachu there and at the end I received a hair style guide from Pikala how I could style Pichu’s hair to match the personality. I could tell she put good care into the fur and hairstyles of all her Pikachu as each and everyone looked healthy and unique.

Ultra Guardian!

Just a quick follow up to the last post. Hau and I are already back on Akala Island and are now officially Ultra Guardians! If there’s an emergency, the Aether Foundation will be able to call us and we will try to help them.

Hau and I also got to try on our Ultra Guardians Uniform and it’s… something XD
While I am okay with the look I can tell, it was Lusaime’s design idea. I shan’t complain though as it accentuates the physique quite a lot…

Additionally we got a few Beast Balls to carry around with us, the equivalent to a PokéBall but for Ultra Beasts! Just in case there would be no time to get to the headquarters or a base etc.

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At Aether Paradise and is this really okay that I write about Ultra Beast?

The title of this post may look weird but I did talk about this with Professor Burnet and everyone that works here at the Aether Paradise and of the Aether Foundation, and they insisted, I shall keep writing my blog and write about them.

To recap quickly, me and Hau got invited to Aether Paradise. I thought it was mainly for Professor Burnet to check on my freshly hatched Pichu (and Rowlet now too) but it turned out, Lusamine the head of the Aether Foundation had heard about me and asked for an interview?!

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So much happened since the last post that it’s hard to let you all catch up quickly. It’s not that a lot of time passed, just… many things occured XD

So first of all, I did find the cave I was talking about in the previous post. I also found lots of nice stones, minerals and gems, but none were compatible with the Z-Ore. They all cracked when I tested it by holding the Z-Ore and a Z-Crystal near ’em.
The only nice thing I found and packed into my bag were some evolution stones such as a few fire, a thunder and two sun stones. I did not test these against the Z-Ore, because they are too rare and I don’t want them to crack too.

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It Hached! PICHU!

Just a quick update on the egg I had with me all this time I brought from Johto. It hatched today! You may have seen my tweet earlier.

As hoped by all Professors, Elm, Kukui and Burnet, it was a Pichu Egg! I’ve informed them all and the local Pokémon Center here in the north of Akala Island is currently performing a quick check on it.

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Firium Z and Waterium Z

Um.. it’s a bit hard to explain how that happened but today I got both, a Firium Z and a Waterium Z!

I was travelling around Route 5 here in Akala Island when suddenly I heard a Pokémon cry out loud. I rushed to where the sound came from and saw a weakened Salazzle defending a group of Salandit that was attacked by a huge Wishiwashi in its school form near one of the lakes here. It was a totem Pokémon, that much was clear.

I don’t know how these two started to fight in the first place but I felt like I had to go between them and clear it up.

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