Alola Raichu!

Pikachu evolved into Raichu! The circumstances are a bit hard to explain… But most importantly, she is an Alolan kind, even thought the egg original came from Johto!

Professor Burnet and Professor Elm were really happy to hear this and that it proved their theory. They made it very clear that they want to take a look at her once I am done with my grand trial here on Poni Island.

Poni Island

Another beautiful island! And still so natural! I wonder what will await me here!

Next stop, the Altar of the Sunne and of the Moone! The Aether Foundation wanted me to see it.


Pichu loves to read books with me and while we were here at the Aether House enjoying a book together, she evolved into Pikachu!

Acerola was incredibly happy too… Oh yea, I met her here at the orphanage. A very caring girl!

Tapu Village

The last few days I travelled down the east side of Ula’ula Island, having fun with some Mantine surfing at Ula’ula Beach and have now reached Tapu Village.
Up until now I had only seen the Tapu Pokémon as grateful and shy protectors of these lands. Here however I see how much power they can unleash when they’re angry, as Tapu Village used to be a nice small sea-side village that now is completely destroyed.

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Tapu Lele

A sweet melody woke me up in the middle of the night. It was dark in the room here at the hospital. Most of my Pokémon were in their PokéBalls except for Torny who refused to leave my side since he had fully recovered himself.
The melody came from a floating Pokémon in the middle of the room. As I slowly started to see it a bit clearer in this darkness I managed to recognise the outlines. It was Tapu Lele!

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UB-04 Blaster – Celesteela

Another Ultra Beast appeared. Luckily this time, nothing too bad happened except that it really knocked me out for a few days.

Very late on the last night up on Mount Hokulani I got a call from Aether Paradise that an enormous Ultra Beast had entered the planets atmosphere alongside Minior. Looking out the window of the observatory I could see it right away, despite how far away it still was. That Ultra Beast was massive!
UB-04 Blaster was its original designation, later they changed it to Celesteela as it was called by someone else… Maybe I can explain that one day but for now I’ll keep this secret until I have the “okay” from the Aether Foundation.

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Mount Hokulani

These next few posts are a bit late. I needed a good long rest after what had happened and here I’ll tell the first part~

Just in time I reached Mount Hokulani on the day the biggest “star-shower” took place. The nights before I had already seen a few “stars” raining down but last night it reached the pinnacle of this season.

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Malie City and a little fallback

Quick update on my health status. The broken ribs don’t really wanna heal properly yet. They hurt a lot but its bearable. I have to take it very slow right now and therefore I probably won’t be doing much exciting the next few weeks.

We have arrived safely in Malie City and there’s much to see here! The Malie Library in which I had spent way too long and bored all my Pokémon to death, the beautiful Malie Garden where we all could relax a bit and the Kantonian Gym where all my team members finally could let loose and.. well.. defeated everyone… Sorry again!

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Just a quick update!

I had been resting here on Aether Paradise the last few days and feel like I am ready to head out to Ula’ula island soon.
My ribs will still take a few more weeks to fully heal obviously but there’s not much I can do except to take care. I never mentioned, but there were three broken ribs in total, two on the right and one on the left side.

Zoroark is doing okay. Still not able to stand up due to the broken leg and other injuries but it’s healing is progressing well. He will stay here at Aether Paradise until it’s hopefully able to travel with me again.

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