Parallel World

I’m back from a visit to a parallel world.. How can I explain this without sounding too crazy? I probably cannot… So, I’ll just give a quick outline what happened and if you want to know more I can tell you directly.

At the Altar of the Sunne and of the Moone a ultra wormhole opened and I got sucked into it. On the other side I was again at the altar but the time was different? Rotom was certain that it was still daytime but the moon was out.

I wandered around and it all looked and felt the same. Or almost. The aura of this place was different. It guided me to another altar.

After a few days I made it to said second altar on Ula’ula island, at the Lake of the Moone and of the Sunne.
There I finally met the black Tapu Pokémon I had seen previously. It was them who called me here, alongside members of the Ultra Reckon Squad.

The Tapu “told” me many things. Not with words obviously but through the aura. I translated them to the members of the squad and together we formed a plan for what’s about to happen.
After that the Tapu opened up another ultra wormhole and together we went yet to another world where we encountered a malicious Ultra Beast. We had to fight it as it was currently gathering strength to attack their world and that had to be prevented at all cost.

It was there, Type: Null evolved into Silvally.

We managed to defeat said beast and returned to their homeworld. They thanked me and gave me something… I cannot tell you what it was… But it’s quite something….

After that they teleported me back to the altar on Poni Island and opened up a ultra wormhole again to my home world.

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