Trying to build my online PokéDex

Hey! So you might be wondering when I will make the next update on my current travel plans. Right now I’m already part of the World Championship, currently places around 500 as the standings in this bracket switch pretty much daily. There was not a lot of time to get higher in the ranking as I am preparing for my next destination and both at the same time did slow down one another.

I’ve decided that my next destination will be the islands of Alola. Mainly to deepen my bonds with my Pokémon and prepare for a more active entry in the championship.
We are a great team, even more after our endeavour in Kalos and our first taste of Mega Evolution.

Recently I retired my trusty old PokéCom that was with me since the beginning as more and more services got unsupported. I guess it was time. I might just keep it with me just for good luck.
Now I got myself the new Rotom Phone with it the newest PokéDex directly integrated. This thing is quick and always ready, as well as fun. I got used to it very quickly and I’m happy that I can finally keep my Rotom close to me as an additional member of my team.

One should think though that the new PokéDex had a handy online function that everyone could just use freely. Well, it does but apparently only the regions professors are allowed to use the API.
Meaning I have to make my own online PokéDex if I want to show you my progress. That’s what I want to finish first before I head out to Alola.

Maybe I’ll head over there a bit sooner though as I want my Pokémon to get used to the different climate. But I won’t be starting the Alola Pilgrimage before I have the PokéDex ready.

Now for where I will write about the journey. I’m currently thinking I might will do a bit of a two way deal?
On one side I want to keep this blog up running.
On the other, my friend who’s helping me with the online PokéDex could integrate a blog into it so that I can write blog posts there alongside the PokéDex entries.

So I may will switch to a different website. I did already write about a few of my encounters on that other website. You can read them here.

The PokéDex will also be on that other website. So I might just switch over there entirely and will redirect this website. I’ll see! Maybe one day you’ll just end up on that other page instead of here ^^; Just a fair warning!

So then, soon I will head off to Alola. I’m already excited for what’s to come as is my entire team. We’ll have a great time over there, I’m sure of it!

At home

You might be wondering where I am right now. To make it easier to follow my journey, I’ll add a tracker somewhere somehow. Still figuring out how this website works…
As for now I’m back home in Ecruteak City in Johto preparing for my next journey. It probably will be a short one as later this year I’ll be heading out to the new pokémon league in the Galar region that only recently opened its doors. This time I am definitely aiming for the top spot!

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Next Steps

I planned our route a little ahead. We’ll travel north through the lately re-opened Marine Tube to Humilau City for a next gym-fight. Then we will go west and back to Opelucid City for a re-match against Drayden. Then we will head north to the Unova-League. The tournament will soon start and we don’t wanna miss it.

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Just wanted to say, that me any my Pokémon-Team are currently making some nice Vacation here in Undella Town and on the Undella Bay. After all the trouble we had with the Defender of the Dawn Yoko and her Zoroark we deserve a little rest. But of course I still will tell ya what exactly was up with her and that ^^
I’ll probably write it down during the vacation ~

Till soon!