Close to 100!

A lot of trainers recently came to Alola in order to fight me for the World Coronation Series. As I was pretty busy with the rebuilds (and occasional Ultra Beast happenings), I had to decline some of these battles. Kindly though, the organisation behind the World Coronation Series (as well as all the trainers) were so kind as to postpone some of these battles.

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Alola Raichu!

Pikachu evolved into Raichu! The circumstances are a bit hard to explain… But most importantly, she is an Alolan kind, even thought the egg original came from Johto!

Professor Burnet and Professor Elm were really happy to hear this and that it proved their theory. They made it very clear that they want to take a look at her once I am done with my grand trial here on Poni Island.

Poni Island

Another beautiful island! And still so natural! I wonder what will await me here!

Next stop, the Altar of the Sunne and of the Moone! The Aether Foundation wanted me to see it.


Pichu loves to read books with me and while we were here at the Aether House enjoying a book together, she evolved into Pikachu!

Acerola was incredibly happy too… Oh yea, I met her here at the orphanage. A very caring girl!