I’ll take the alternative road I guess

Today I reached the so called “Ravaged Path” which is becoming more and more “normal” way to Floaroma Town. But I want to see a little bit of the world and will take the old, slower but a lot more beautiful way around this path up the hill.

All my Pokémon are up and healthy ^^
Torny is as always as cool as a fire pokémon can be. I wonder if I can teach it an ice move? … hmmmmmmm….
As soon as we reached the cave, Passy jumped up and hugged the wall XD It missed the stones of Sinnoh. When seeing this, I remembered the elemental plates I discovered back in the Oreburgh Gate. I still could not find out which plate represents which element. But I thought, the brown one might could make Passy a little more happy during the long walks away from the mountains. So I gave him this plate. I hugged me right away too XD
By the way, I always wonder where the pokémon put the items once they’re back in their pokéball.. I guess we’ll never find out ^^;
Star ☆loved to fly high above us and take a good look around to show me a few wild pokémon to battle. But the last fight against a Budew took quite a lot of his energy and it’s currently resting in his pokéball.
Celt slowly starts to feel comfortable with so many strange and new pokémon around him. And it’s still funny, once we’re in a fight against other trainers it kinda forgets all the fears and attacks with no mercy XD
But it seems to be a little jealous of Shinx because I am carrying it most of the way. However it understands Shinx’s situation with his insured leg which by the way is healing pretty good. Nurse Joy from Jubilife City told me that once I reach Floaroma Town they will probably be able to remove the cast.

All in all we’re healthy and ready for new adventures and great places x3

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