Cannot always be a win

Oh well, you cannot win every match right? XD Had a good battle today against a really good trainer. In the end is was 0 to 1 pokémon left and so he won ^^;

He started with a Luxio which I tried to counter with my Passy: and that with no problem ;D
His next was a Roserade. She made short work with my Passy.. the rain dance a few razor leafs and my Passy was knocked out… Oh well…
Next one to send in was Star ☆. As you know, flying type pokémon normally are strong against grass type pokémon. But this time I got a pretty good surprise. Roserade’s toxic hit Star ☆ right at the start and the damage was too hard to keep it out much longer. But a few wing attacks helped to bring it down a little bit too before I had to call it back.
So I tried my luck with grass against grass! Chelt made a direct his at Roserade with his body slam and Roserade finally was defeated!
Last one from my opponent was a Prinplup. Probably his starter pokémon and also his strongest one. Firstly I seemed like my grass type pokémon Chelt had the upper hand against Prinplup. But then my opponent seemed to remember what’s strong against grass and let Prinplup use peck and something that seemed like hail. Flying and ice type, strong against grass and also too much for my Chelt.
My opponent won and I (finally) could get a defeat on my list XD

We did talk a little afterwards and he told me, that something seems to be happening in the world of the pokémon and their trainers. Many of the “bad gangs” like team aqua and magma from the Hoenn region or the local team galactic did disband. New “good groups” appear like the Helios conference or the different battle frontiers. Everyone currently is looking forward. Let’s hope that there’s nothing bad forming in the darkness…

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