Competitions in the woods

The last week I travelled through the Eterna Forest. Due to the thickness of these woods I rarely had access to the network and thus couldn’t update you enough.. sorry for that ^^;

In the forest I could participate in a little competition! The goal was to simply catch the biggest Silcoon or Cascoon!
All of us who took part in the comp. did get a special ball. Only the pokémon caught inside this ball would be judged.
We could let our Pokémon help us with the catching of course.
All in all we got three days for this part of the competition. You may think, that’s pretty long time. But trust me there were a few people which couldn’t find any good Silcoon or Cascoon! D:

Already at day 1 I was lucky to find a Silcoon! since I didn’t know how big such a Silcoon can get, I caught it!
I traveled on trough the woods and could find another Silcoon and also a Cascoon. Both just slightly bigger than the one I already had. So I released the other one and battled the two new ones in a two against two match! Yay!

In the end I had a Cascoon in the special even ball and a Silcoon in a normal pokéball ^^

I couldn’t find any other bigger pokémon of this kind, only many others, never seen ones! At least I didn’t see them before!

Buneary and Wurmple, during the nights many many Murkrow. And I even was lucky to see a Nincada which’s said to be pretty rare in these regions! However, I couldn’t catch any of these because I slowly ran out of pokéballs…

So after these three days, the organizer made a big festival where the judges took a good look at every caught pokémon! Mine however just made it on the eleventh place XD
The first eight made a battle with the newly caught Silcoon and Cascoon! But um.. this was really only something for the real lovers of this type, since a battle only hardening against hardening can get pretty “boring” over some time. Or let’s better say, I need some more action in a fight ;P

During the travel through the woods the days after the festival, I could discover a few more to me so far unknown pokémon.
During the day many Beautifly and at dawn Dustox, plus at night Misdreavus!

I found these last ones nearly at the end of the forest, close to an old mansion. It’s said, that during a thunderstorm, you could also find some Rotom there. But there was no thunderstorm. So I sadly couldn’t see any Rotom.

No Storm because it’s too cold and it was snowing for a few days now already. It even snowed this morning, but the sky cleared up and currently it’s quiet sunny.
Right now I’m out of the forest and on Route 205 again, close to Eterna City. Next week I already organized a special event for me. A local mining expert will teach me a few new techniques with mining and everything! I’m already pretty excited X3
Also I bet, I can ask him about these plates I found a while ago. But I’m also unsure if I’ll be able to post anything till I’m done with it. So I simply say, till next time ;D

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