Mine, mine, mine, mining!

So I’m back on the road again! What I did so long? Mine!

As I explained a few weeks ago, I got the chance to learn a little bit more in the mining, excavation and gathering from a pro who lives here in Eterna City. Everybody just calls him “Underground Man”.

He gave me a lot of tips and tricks on my ways in the underground. He also explained to me some of the special gems and treasure I can find in this Sinnoh region.
And of course he also told me the secret of these special coloured plates I found earlier:

These plates are said to be parts of the plates which surround the god pokémon Arceus. All in all there are 16 different plates known, one for each element a pokémon can have. In case of Arceus, each plate is said to let it use the corresponding type of attacks. So with the flame plate it’s able to use flame thrower or with the Icicle Plate it can use ice beam or blizzard.
Without any plate, Arceus has close to no powers at all and is very vulnerable.
Normally, Arceus has all of its plates. But during the history, many bad people tried to get a plate or a fragment of them. Some even tried to get all plates in order to capture Arceus! But no one succeeded.
As far as it’s known, Arceus currently possess all plates are. The ones we can find all over Sinnoh are fragments of the real ones, but made by Arceus itself! As gifts to good people and pokémon.
If not Arceus but a “normal” pokémon holds such a plate, it’s strength in this certain element increases. But due to it’s size, only one plate can be hold by a pokémon at once. And even though I was lucky to get two already, these plates are pretty rare.

Underground man also showed a way to let the “plates speak”. In a special light and with a little water, there appears an inscription on the plates! My two plates say: earth plate and toxic plate. There is also another text on it, but it is written in an ancient language and not me nor the underground man know how to read that (yet) XD
Maybe I will once be able to find someone who can decrypt it ^^

While I dug up a few fossils and evolution stones (I really have too many of these stones now..) and luckily, another plate! 😀 Underground man said, he was pretty surprised when he saw me mining that. He knew this place we were like the back of his hand but never noticed that plate there! The water-light trick showed us that it is a icicle plate. I put it to the unused toxic plate in my bag. It’s slowly getting pretty heavy >_<;

By the way, you know about the possibility to exchange pokémon via pokémon centers right? You can also do that with the pokédex in Kanto and Johto, but not yet in Hoenn or Sinnoh. However, the item-exchange works already pretty good everywhere! The evolution stones or empty pokéballs can be sent by this system via the pokécom or the pokédex already. However, these plates or berries, actually any food doesn’t work.

My next destination is a short visit of a little park in the north. Then I come back with hopefully a new pokémon for the gym-fight! Be prepared! XD

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