Of Shellos and Gastrodon!

A little later than firstly thought I reached Pastoria City. I had to take the back-route around the hotel grandlake because the beach was, and is still, a restricted area. Eggs of Shellos which were hidden in the sand did hatch due to the warm weather lately. And since there are not just a few but a LOT, plus some older Gastrodon which came to support them, the area had to be closed.

However, while traveling to Pastoria City I had to cross the area a little and also did find a few Shellos and Gastrodon!

As far as I knew, in this area there should only be the eastern genus of this type of pokémon. But I also did see a lot of western genus Shellos!

Even if there were hundreds of pokémon I couldn’t bring myself to catch any of them. If I want a pokémon I want to battle it or want it to come with me if it wants to and not just catch a hatched one which cannot protect itself. But as soon as I was out of the restricted area, officer Jenny, who protected the border, told me that these Shellos already have ad know everything to protect them self since they normally don’t hatch in such big groups all by them self.

Anyhow I made my way to Pastoria City’s pokémon center where I finally can dry myself!
The weather is no longer that rainy and it’s said to even be a little sunny tomorrow but wet cloths don’t dry in light rain as it was yesterday and today XD

In the next few days I’ll get myself and my pokémon ready for the gym battle. Also do I want to check out the Great Marsh where I can catch a lot of pokémon in a safari!

So then, till soon :3

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