The Trophy Garden

On my way back to Hearthome City I came along the big and famous Pokémon Mansion. I already knew that here I would be able to see many rare pokémon, or at least rare for this region. For an unknown reason, many pokémon are gathering in the backyard of this mansion. Because there also stand many trophies from the owner of the mansion from his great days as pokémon coordinator, this garden is also known as the Trophy Garden. However, there are also some other trophies from other top-coordinators and trainers which did lend them for expositions.
The owner Mr. Backlot lets trainers like myself hunt for pokémon in his garden and he currently even allows to capture one pokémon! I just had to take the chance and went straight into the garden!

Mr. Backlot greeted all the trainers and explained the rules to us. then we were free to look around the place, search for rare pokémon, admire the trophies and capture a rare pokémon!

The garden was pretty big, actually it was more like a small park. Right at the beginning of the garden was a small place with lots of small pillars. On top the most rare trophies I’ve ever seen! Some rare badges, ribbons, even trophies from smaller tournaments such like one from the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City and all the badges and the trophy from the Orange League of the Orange Archipelago!
Then I saw a small map of the garden next to the pillars, showing me more spots where I could discover even more rare trophies! I decided to take a look at them all and followed the path showed on the map into a labyrinth.

The main path through the labyrinth was marked with signs but from time to time I did take some different ways to maybe discover something special! ;D
And I in fact did discover some special things! Well mostly some rare trophies or statues. But here and there I also happened to find some pokémon! But they knew the labyrinth and could always run out of my sight again easily. I know I did see some (or maybe always the same) Happiny, Igglybuff, Cleffa and also their evolutions Clefairy and Jigglypuff!
After a while I reached the center of the labyrinth. A few other trainers were also there and did look astonished at a golden trophy inside a glass box. Stepping closer I resembled the trophy too! It was the one you get if you win in the Sinnoh League! Standing there I knew I want to get such a trophy too.

Then on my right side, something did rush by. I turned around to see what it was – I only saw a small gray-white ball floating and disappearing behind a corner of the labyrinth. I rushed to the corner and around it and did hit my foot at something really hard! I fell down pretty rough, scratching my chin. I turned around looking why I stumbled… there was a Porygon in the middle of the way! And it did not look really friendly at all! ^^; I apologized deeply but the Porygon did show no mercy and started to rush forward for an attack! When suddenly a fireball did hit it from the side! Another trainer did see us there and he thought that it was his chance to get one of these rare Porygon! I thanked the other trainer which smiled at me and continued with the fight against the hotheaded Porygon.
I jumped on my feet again, running after the ball-like-pokémon…

After a while I reached the end of the labyrinth and sound myself in a stone-garden! Yea, this garden really was huge and had all kind of parts O.o;
The sun was shining don the the stones warming up the air nicely. On top of some tall boulders I did see more rare pokémon! Eevee, Ditto, Meowth, Bonsly and even Mime jr.!
Bit these were not the ones I was looking for.. where was that white-gray ball?
Walking through the stone garden I saw a few happy trainer which were holding pokéballs in their hands. I guess, they already did get what they wanted ^^
At the end of this part was another big statue and next to it a big bowl. The statue did show Wallace, once gym leader of Sootopolis City, founder of the Wallace Cup and also a top Pokémon Coordinator! The trophy next to him of course was the one you could win in the Wallace Cup. And next to it on a small pillar I also did see the ribbon you get for a win in this cup. Only strange this was, that it stood in the stone garden, because Wallace is a great water and ice-pokémon trainer, known for his famous and strong Milotic! I guess Mr. Backlot only wanted to show his trophies, no matter the relationships behind the them ^^;

And then I did see another ball floating in midair! But this time it was red! It did float into a small forest-like part of the garden where it changed into the gray-white ball I did see before! What was this thing?! I ran into the forest and after this color-changing ball past several pokémon like Kricketot, Kricketune, Plusle and Minun.

Nearly reaching the ball I did get out of the forest again into the bright light. It did get even brighter because I was at a small pond with some fountains. The reflections on the water surface did shine right into my face but I did try not to loose track of the gray-white ball! But it did change form again, becoming blue!
Only looking at that ball I didn’t notice I was at the edge of the pond and did fell right into the refreshing water! XD
Alarmed Azurill and Marill did ran away and finally the floating ball stopped and turned around.
A kind of water drop did build on the now blue ball-pokémon. It’s eyes were surrounded with a mark which made it look like it would wear really cool fashioned ski goggles. Finally I knew what I did ran after: a Castform!

I grabbed my pokéballs and did call Star ☆ to help me with battling the Castform. The fight ended rather short, a few Aerial Aces and the Castform was knocked out. My pokémon really are strong already! To make sure I could catch the Castform I did throw a superball.
The ball wriggled in the water, causing small ripples on the surface but then it stopped and I had caught the Castform!

Happily I did step out of the pond and lay on the grass field in the garden to dry my cloths. More trainer did gather around me and I could have a few nice chats. Many of the trainers still had a longer journey in front of them. But this did not matter because I finally got to know that the next Sinnoh-League-Tournament wouldn’t start until late summer/early fall.
So no need to rush for me to get all eight badges… I think I can even take a little vacation? Maybe.. have to think about it.

I thanked Mr. Backlot for the great time I could have in his garden and went on to Hearthome City which I reached last night as you did see in my twitter.

Now I am ready for the next part of the journey through Mt. Coronet again to Oreburgh and Jubilife City. Finally I can mine again a little bit! XD

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