On the Boat

During the last weeks I was on a little boat trip from Canalave City to this small village here at the west coast near Snowpoint City.
You may want to know what happened during the trip don’t ya? 😉

The first week was really just relaxing for all of us, my pokémon and myself. We played on the deck, swim in the pool, dance in the disco, have fun with all the funny sports stuff we could do and also just relaxed in the sun.
There was nothing to worry about which really was great 😀

Then the second week we slowly started to train again during the days. The Sinnoh League will start really soon and I want to be as fit as possible for there! Also my pokémon showed me that they are hot for the fights in the league!

During week three we reached the two islands Fullmoon Island and New Moon Island. So we made some little breaks in between the training and went out to explore these nice islands.
And on them…

It was 22nd of July when we reached the two islands. They are located really close to each other so the boat did anchor in between them and with smaller boats we could travel from the big boat to the islands.
Firstly we, my pokémon and me, traveled to Fullmoon Island which lies on the west side. The island is rocky but also covered with grass and a small forest. There also is a small hill and some caves. All in all the island “feels” really bright, calm and nice.
We got told, before we drove to the island, that some people lately did see the pokémon Cresselia on it! So we shall have to keep our eyes open all the time. That’s also what I did.

After walking along the beach we ended up at the forest which was flooded by the bright sunlight. It already was lunchtime so we rested at the borders of the forest and eat something first before we went deeper into the forest.
Already during the meal I did feel like we got observed. Also Gan did notice a strange presents but told me that I don’t have to worry anything. At least that’s what I could read out of his behavior. How I would love to understand their speaking… Um.. Back to the subject! XD
We went into the forest and after walking for a few minutes we reached a small and beautiful forest glade. In the center rested a big and old stump which over the years was already covered with moss and mushrooms. The forest glade just seemed to have the size of that missing tree. I could imagine how this huge tree stood there peacefully.
Suddenly my Star ☆ flew to the stump and did jump around on and peck it. Curious why he did it I went closer and saw something shining beneath the moss. Carefully I reached out for the shiny thing and pulled it out – a bright green and rolling feather appeared, a Lunar Wing! And suddenly my pokédex told me with the familiar peep that it registered a new pokémon. And if this was not already mysteriously enough, the sunlight’s strength did suddenly increase and with nearly closed eyes I could see a bright shadow disappear into the forest. This shadow did seem to sing with the sound of bells.. Cresselia?
As sudden as it all happened, so fast was it over again. The sun disappeared behind a cloud and I stood there with the feather in my hand looking into the now dark forest. Also my pokémon did see and hear the pokémon. Together we all started to smile and somehow felt more close to each other.. maybe it really was this rare pokémon ^^

Back at the boat I showed the feather to a merchant which also was on the boat to let him check if it was a real Lunar Wing and he approved it and told me that I was really lucky to be able to find one and even such a gorgeous one! He actually wanted to buy the feather from me but I had to decline the offer. There is a very talented goldsmith in Ecruteak City, my hometown, which will be able to make a beautiful tag out of the feather. And until then I would like to keep it on me because they’re said to bring the person owning it nice dreams.

Later back in my carbine I looked at my pokédex to see which new pokémon it did register on the island today. Next to Cacnea, Bastiodon and Honchkrow from other trainers which traveled here I saw that I also had now an entrance of Cresselia! And not just that, there also was a new entrance of the pokémon Darkrai! What did this mean?

The next day we set off to the New Moon Island which is said to be the home of that pokémon Darkrai which seemed to know me already. The sky was covered with clouds and far away over the sea was a strong thunderstorm ongoing. The guy who brought us to the island told us, that in case the weather would get worse, he will blow three times into his weather-horn which should show us that he will leave the island. The island wouldn’t be a nice place to stay during a thunderstorm but in case we miss his boat we could hide in one of the caves which are said to be really save.
That seaman was a little crazy and we all thought that he was kidding as he always did when telling us seaman stories…

This New Moon Island looked very similar to the Fullmoon Island. Just the forest was different because on the New Moon Island grew a different type of tree with thicker branches and bigger leafs. This made the small forest look more dark and with the current weather situation also a little scary.
Anyway we went into the forest, my pokémon were in their pokéballs, just Torny was out and helped me with his fire to light up the path. Even though the forest looked scary and mighty, I felt somehow free and full of energy to start something new! Also Torny liked the forest and when a light breeze blew the scent of the forest in our direction, Torny leaned back and took a deep breath. The flames on his back did light up really bright and when he exhaled, some small flames lambent around his nose.

After walking for a little while we reached a big puddle, some people may would even call it a small pond. Suddenly we noticed the presence of another pokémon… The surface of the puddle acted like a mirror and showed of a pokémon which was flying above it, however there was nothing visible at first. Then after we stepped closer to the puddle we could slowly see a silhouette forming and then the pokémon appeared: Darkrai. It lifted its right hand and showed me some signs with it. I knew a little bit of this sign language it used and recognized the signs for the word FIGHT. So I asked Darkrai if it would like to fight. It grinned at me and nodded while getting into position.

The fight was one of the bests fight Torny and I had so far. We did fight hard but mostly we were trying to enjoy the battle. So was also Darkrai.

A loud thunderbolt did rip us out of the pleasure of the fight. The thunder was behind me and Torny so we did turn around and saw that the thunderstorm did get really close to the island already. And also we could hear the seaman’s weather-horn. We had to go back to the boat fast. We turned around again to tell it Darkrai but it suddenly was. There was just the puddle… and something did swim in it… a black scarf, on one side red and white.. just like Darkrai. Thank you for that present. I did take it out of the puddle and put the scarf around my neck.

The rain already set in and the second time we could hear the weather-horn. We rushed back to the boat and reached it right when the seaman did blow into the horn the third time. He looked at us telling that I was the last one they were waiting for. Then he noticed my scarf and asked if I had a nice fight. I smiled, nodded and stepped into the boat.
On the way back he beckoned me to him and whispered to me that I shall be really honored. Darkrai never let someone even get close to him and the fact that it even made a scarf for me means, he really liked the battle. I felt honored that Darkrai did like the fight.

The next day we were still at these islands but the weather was too bad to go back on land, the waves were too big for the small boats. Even this big ship did swing with the waves. I really wanted to thank Darkrai for the fight and the scarf. So I walk on deck with Torny and shouted out my thanks and Torny did shoot a flame thrower.

During the following night the boat did set off for the last part of the journey. These last few weeks we did train even harder and also could make a few fights against other trainers on the boat. The temperature dropped more and more as we went higher into the north. And soon we did see the snowy landscape again and also got a little snow on the boat.

Then we arrived here in this small city and tomorrow I’ll set out to Snowpoint City. I don’t know how long it will take to get there. It’s currently summer so there is not too much snow nor are there strong snowstorms ongoing. But still, walking here will be harder and because we didn’t wander for a few weeks we surly will need some more time. Just stay tuned!

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