Last day as waiter (for now)

Today was my last day as a waiter here in Striaton City. Cress and Chili didn’t want to keep me any longer, a trainer needs to be out on the road. Plus they told me, that there just arrived other new trainers in the city and they will have to help them too to get the chance for a gym fight ;D

At my last day, Torny and I got a little surprise! Cress and Chili organized a little party with some people I met here and a few special guests! They invited one of the S-Class Pokémon Connoisseur to check me and my Pokémon! That was really amazing what he could tell about us and he was really happy to see such a great bond between me and Torny.
Also we met Burgh the gym leader from Castelia City. Cress thought that he needs to be warned ;D True, he could get quiet some problems against me because he’s a Bug-Type Gym Leader. But still, I also shouldn’t underestimate him!
Brugh is said to always be all out on the fields to check for bug-Pokémon. I wonder if I’ll be able to meet him in the gym at all when I’m there ^^;

I may don’t have to stay here in the city anymore but I still need to prepare for the next part of our journey a little more. There are a few things I need to buy and to take care of before I leave. Also lately I have some trouble with my eyes… I know they’re not the best ones, I can see a little less in the distance than close up but the last few days it became a little worse.. Maybe it was just the work that caused that and it will disappear again.. But I still should check.. Hmmm.. I probably could life with glasses if I get some…

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