Trio Badge!

What a great fight yesterday! You may followed it on my twitter but trust me, the real fight was much better!

It was clear for me that I would use Torny for the fight. Cress and I knew that his Panpour probably would have it easy against my Torny due to the type advantages. But he also knew that my Torny is strong, he could already see that in various situations. So we both expected a strong opponent.

Panpour could experience our strength first because challengers are normally allowed to make the first attack. Torny’s Quick Attack was too quick for Panpour. Over and over Torny attacked Panpour and took away a lot of its energy already with the first set of attacks. A fast swift at the end and our “welcome” present was served. We were ready for the fight and Panpour already at half of his strength XD
Panpour then tried to attack with Brine but it could not land a single hit with the speed Torny gained from the Quick Attacks. And we even speeded up with a Flame Charge that hit Panpour directly!
Panpour was now so low that his ability Torrent kicked in which lets him use water-attacks at a much stronger intensity! Finally a great way to test the water-resistance of Torny we did train so hard on!
Panpour used Surf and Torny attacked with our favorite attack Flame Wheel. The wave was big and I had to hold myself to not get flushed away but Torny’s fire was too hot for the water and it sided through the wave like a warm knife through cold Miltank-Butter. Panpour got hit a last time with an incredibly hot attack. Due to the steam that got created it was much more intense!
Panpour was defeated.
Torny and I won the fight and earned the Trio Badge!

Since yesterday, I also have all the badges on my usersite! They’re not yet really well sorted and the names don’t appear as they should but at least you can see how many we already got until now ^^

I will stay here in Striaton City a few days more because there are some events planned for the restaurant where they will need every person that can help. But I can feel it, I want to move on and discover all the things of that region which Cress and Chili told me about!

Till soon!

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