The Kindergarten Trubbish

Yesterday here on Route 03 we found a nice little kindergarten in between the city and a smaller town. Special thing about this kindergarten is that they have a uncommon Pokémon as their pet, a Trubbish! And every time they see a trainer passing by, they want him or her to fight against the schools Trubbish! So did I…

Firstly I sent in Patrat to fight against the Trubbish. What was both, funny and a little confusing, all the kids and the teacher of the Kindergarten did give orders to Trubbish what it should do. And So I never really knew at first which command it would follow. Patrat did have the same problem and the Trubbish could land a few pretty bad hits.
I recalled Patrat and sent in Faz my Pidove now knowing how to react – the Trubbish had its own mind! Faz may not be super strong with its attacks but its speed is really impressive. It had no trouble evading every attack and could land one hit after another.
With a final Quick Attack Faz finished the fight! The kids were both, happy that they did see such a fight and sad that their Pokémon lost. But they also realized that I probably was a too strong trainer and accepted the defeat.

I then did tell them a little bit about being a trainer and told a few stories what I did already see and experience together with my Torny. Kids are always really eager to hear such stories ^^
The day passed by fast and we had to continue our journey and the kids went home again. Trubbish did stay in the kindergarten and was eagerly waiting for another fight already ^^ Why don’t you go there and try your best? 😀

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