We’re travelling south on route 3 and reached a quite big lake today. Will probably take the whole next day or two to get around it. In the afternoon then the weather changed and a small thunder storm broke over us. Two, three really loud thunderbolts hit the ground not far away and a somehow familiar scream caught my attention! Something was there right where the thunder hit the ground! But what was it?!

Torny which was out of his PokéBall and I rushed to the place where we did hear the scream coming from. And there we did see what we already thought, a group of Blitzle was running around wildly! But they did not look like they were afraid of the thunder, they were happy! Playing and fooling around!
We looked at them a little longer. How I would like to get one of them xD

Suddenly, they stopped playing and all looked into the sky. We didn’t know what was going on and also looked into the sky to check what they see there… And then it rushed down, in less than a second.. another strong thunderbolt!
I immediately covered my eyes and opened the mouth to release the pressure in my ears which built up from the incredible loud bolt. The air suddenly became hot and then really cold… I looked back to the group of Blitzle and saw that one of them did kind of glow… Its mane had sparkles all over. It must’ve caught the bolt! And I just had to catch that Pokémon!

I looked at Torny and saw the fire in his eyes. He wanted to battle too! A quick nod and we rushed toward the Blitzle!
Most of them did run away as soon as they saw us coming. Half stayed and wanted to fight but I let Torny use a flame thrower into the sky which scared all of them and they too did escape the area. All except the one that just got hit by the thunderbolt. It looked like it did not even notice us until then. It was still in the thrill of the lightning and when it looked around it seemed quite surprised at first that it was alone out of a sudden!
Then it spotted us and with an impish grin it turned around, lowered its head and prepared for the battle. I already fell in love with that Blitzle!

The battle was incredible! That Blitzle was pretty strong, probably also because of the added strength it just gained from the thunderbolt. Torny had to take some pretty hard moves – so did Blitzle. Minutes passed by when finally Blitzle showed the first signs of exhaustion. Not too much longer and Blitzle couldn’t stand anymore. Also Torny was slowly reaching his limit. But Blitzle KOed earlier and my PokéBall could capture it!

I called it Zap and I am really proud of Torny that after such an intensive fight, it was still able to walk back to our camp. It didn’t want to leave me alone in the rain which started right when the battle was over.
Torny will sleep the whole night and probably half of the day tomorrow too XD But he deserves a great rest, so does Zap. I saw that there’s a Pokémon Center close, should reach it tomorrow midday. And then I can finally introduce Zap to my team ^^

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