Arrived late~night

We reached Lacunosa Town yesterday in the night. The last part of Route 12 was a longer than we excepted so we were pretty late when we finally reached the Pokémon Center. Lucky for us, they’re open 24/7 so we could still get in and have a rest. Thanks a lot to nurse Joy!

I looked around the city already a little this morning and am really satisfied with what I expected to see. The wall around the city looks really solid and think and gives the whole town a medieval touch. But inside the wall are modern stone and glass bridges and also the houses look mostly new and mediterranean, suited for the warm region we’re in here. Also the sea is not that far away anymore! The next route, Route 13, will already lead us to the beach and along it to Undella Town. There we will be able to decide to go further down south or back north to the next city with a gym. I guess we’ll head north, we’ll see.

For now we enjoy the great weather as long as it stays up and prepare for the next part of the journey!

Oh, and I just noticed that I did already see 500 different Pokémon! Wow!

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