Calm Twelve

Despite the fact that I am currently in charge of the Defender of the Dawn Yoko and her Zoroark, it’s really quiet here on Route 12. Not much is happening and there are also not many other trainers to battle with. What exactly it is that I have to do for Yoko and her Pokémon is sadly still a secret until I am done. I promised them not to talk about it but they never said I was not allowed to mention it.

There was just one nice battle I would like to talk about. It was against a trainer who sent in a Bouffalant. I didn’t know that Pokémon before but as soon as I saw it, I knew that it probably would be like a battle against a Tauros. And I was not mistaken, the Bouffalant and the Tauros originally ‘evolved’ out of the same Pokémon but during the years and the different conditions of the different regions, they started to differ in the appearance quite a lot. But their attacks and temperament is still more or less the same and it was a really hard, intense but also fun battle.
And In the end victorious for us ;D
Sib became so strong now that I am pretty sure it will evolve soon. It of course had trouble against that Bouffalant due to the difference in size and the incredible speed of Bouffalant. But Sib was the stronger one from the start and it’s defence also was remarkable. It could block attacks and land hits right afterwards which I didn’t think were possible at first.

So we had a nice time this week here on Route 12 already. It’s still a while to go till we are in Lacunosa Town however we are getting closer to it every day. I wonder what it is like. I’ve heard that it is a special town with a wall around it that at first reminds you more of a medieval town. But in the inside it’s said to be a quite modern village. Well, we’ll see.

That is for now, hope I can tell ya more about my current quest soon! Miingno out!

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