Hey I know you!

Guess that Meltan Pokémon is causing more uproar than we all thought? Today I bumped into Kita, the Pokémon Ranger I met in Sinnoh. He got a help request from the local rangers to check out the absence of steel type Pokémon.

So I managed to get to Goldenrod City this morning. I went straight to the Global Terminal in hopes to find some new information there about Meltan or other events that might could have a connection with this new Pokémon.
Apparently I was not the only one gathering information as one girl pointed out to me. A Pokémon Ranger just had asked her similar questions just a few minutes ago. I might will catch him on the way to the Pokémon Center where he was supposed to be heading.

Pokémon Rangers are always a great source of information as they know the area and the Pokémon in it like no other. That Ranger surely will have some info I thought.
Not far from the Pokémon Center I could catch up with him and was very surprised to recognise the face immediately. It was Kita who I met during my Sinnoh league days, accompanied by his Luxray.
He remembered me as well, hugging me tightly when he saw me! After the usual quick chat of “how are you?!” we got to the point. Kita told me why he was here and what he had already learned.

The Johto Pokémon Rangers were a bit shorthanded on staff recently and were in need for someone who was used to electric and steel type Pokémon. Kita just happened to have finished his last job in Sinnoh when he found out about this call for help from this far away place. He always wanted to come here one day and now was a great opportunity to check out the local area and Pokémon.
His task was to find out about the sudden absence of steel type Pokémon. Also certain electric type Pokémon recently became a lot more rare.

So far he was not able to find out too much as he also just got here this morning. Only thing people could tell him is that most steel type and half steel type Pokémon seem to have disappeared. He would continue his questioning in the Pokémon Center now and since I am looking for something similar, we don’t know if these two incidents are linked, I should accompany him!

So together we checked all Pokémon Centers in the town and questioned more people, yet not much more could be found out by the end of the day. Kita went back to the local ranger base for a report and I have prepared my findings for my cousin as well.
Tomorrow Kita and I won’t really be able to continue the search as a fairly big storm is supposed to hit this area. The day after tho we will continue our searches, if also individually and compare results later that day.

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