In the Johto National Park – But what’s this?

The Johto National Park is such a relaxing place. I managed to get here this morning and travelled through it today. I’m now on the south exit where I’ll stay this night.

I’m making this post here not just because the park is that beautiful, but also because I found something very interesting. I found one of these Pokémon my cousin was talking about! Well actually I found a Ditto that was transformed into one, such as he did… Yet now I finally know how they would look like!
Of course I had to capture the Ditto and I showed it to my cousin already just a few minutes ago. He was very amazed that I managed to find another one. He’s now very certain, that this new Pokémon has to be very close by.

I sent the Ditto off to Professor Oak who gladly took it to study it further. Apparently the Pokémon we’re searching for is called Meltan. Judging by what we know so far it is at least partially a steel type. My cousin asked me to keep my eyes open for unusual groups of metal Pokémon in the region.
I’ll continue my way south to Goldenrod City and the Global Terminal. Maybe someone there will know something if I’m lucky!

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