Not quite Meltan…

So we arrived at the location where I did think I saw a glow the other day during the thunderstorm. And it turns out we hit the jackpot or something like that…

Already on the way to the location we encountered many steel type Pokémon that were heading towards us. It kind of seemed like they came back from a gathering? I know this sounds weird but still, that was how it looked like.
A bit later also electric type Pokémon crossed our way. Kita captured a few and tried to get to know some info from them together with his Luxray.
Kita managed to question them in such an amazing way that he found out that they were gathering to help a certain Pokémon to evolve. The electric type Pokémon were needed for getting the thunderstorm to concentrate on the Pokémon and the steel type ones to give that Pokémon some power? We didn’t really understand that part of the info yet we pressed on to the location.

On there we found a lot more steel and electric type Pokémon all sleeping around a bigger Pokémon in the center. It looked similar to Meltan yet it was also clear that this Pokémon probably was the one they helped to evolve.

I messaged a picture to my cousin and he wrote back immediately and asked us to wait there and that he was on the way as quickly as possible. Guess his curiosity as professor and adventurer just peaked XD
Until he’s here Kita will try to capture that Pokémon with his Capture Styler once it wakes up. Maybe we’ll find out something more~

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