The three of us, Kita, my cousin and I, managed to get back to Goldenrod City. My two newest Pokémon were already sent off to Professor Oak and will soon be sent back to my cousin for some research.

Yes indeed, I managed to capture the big metal Pokémon forest. Actually Kita as well as my cousin asked me to capture it as it was not native to this area and would maybe sooner or later cause trouble again… and also because my cousin was overflowing with curiosity to study it.

It was also my cousin who then told me that this Pokémon was called Melmetal. It was indeed an evolved form of Meltan that, similar to Magnemite and Magneton, forms if multiple of the base Pokémon come together. For Melmetal that base Pokémon would be Meltan.
And as if on queue, as soon as he mentioned that, a Meltan appeared as well! And of course my cousin wanted me to capture that one too.

So our little adventure to find these two Pokémon was successful really quickly! However now the question, where are they coming from?
My cousin and professor Oak will now try to answer that question and if needed will probably ask me again to go out and find some more info about that, I’m sure of it ^^;

Kita and his Luxray will soon have to go off to their next call for help somewhere in the Hoenn region. My cousin has already left this morning to head off to professor Oak with Meltan and Melmetal in his bag.
I’ll probably soon head back home again as well unless anything special will happen here. Hey you never know!

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