Everybody has a favour to ask… and an Egg?

For the last couple of months I was busy preparing for my upcoming Alola trip, as well as doing more battles in the World Coronation Series a.k.a. World Championships. It has been a few sluggish months with various hurdles that I didn’t expect… But I can finally see the end of my struggles and the dawn of a new adventure!
I really am longing go get out there, my Pokémon too.

One thing that kept me busy was repaying favours from various people that helped and supported me during my early years.
I helped out in the local Pokémon Center for a while, cleaned out the entire Bell Tower, twice after a massive storm… and even was asked to part time act as gym leader in the local Ecruteak Gym! Those are a stories for a different time though.

After the Meltan and Melmetal incident, Professor Willow kept asking me for favours with various sightings of Pokémon around Johto as well, even a rumor about an alternative colored Celebi. But we did not manage to find it, not yet at least.

Professor Willow promised me that he would try to get me into contact with one of the Alolan Professors as a reward, Professor Kukui, and that he would put a good word in for me. It seems though that he only managed to get Professor Kukui to ask a favour of me as well!

One very early morning a few days back, Professor Kukui contacted me directly (I always forget that they are a few hours ahead of my current time), wishing to speak with me in person when I will be getting to Melemele Island.
Also he confessed to me that he had contacted the Johto Professor, Professor Elm, and asked him about me. Apparently they knew each other and were quite good buddies? I could hardly imagine such a duo had he not shown me a quite recent picture…

Professor Elm also didn’t seem to hold back with praises and had promised Professor Kukui that I would bring him a Pokémon Egg when I travel to Alola. Somehow it felt like Professor Kukui was reminiscing about that having happened before once. But maybe it was just my imagination and the slight sleep deprivation so early in the morning.

Today now, I went down to New Bark Town to meet with Professor Elm where he handed me the Pokémon Egg. He told me that the egg still seemed to be far away from hatching, but one never knew. Some eggs take months while others suddenly hatch the same day. I should make sure to contact him when the egg hatches and tell him about the Pokémon that was inside.
The egg had been found in the Ilex Forest. Professor Elm therefore expects one of the forest native Pokémon to hatch from it. He is hoping for a certain kind of Pokémon but he did not tell me which exactly not to get my hopes up, or his apparently as he repeatedly made me promise to tell him immediately when it hatched.

I will therefore be travelling to Alola with an egg in my company! And I have now decided which Pokémon I want to take with me most of the time, although with the new rotom phone and the Pokémon Box Link that I also received from Professor Willow, I am now able to switch Pokémon in and out as I please. The fact that the 6-Pokémon-Only-Rule has been abolished with the introduction of RotomDex and Rotom Phones makes things a lot easier for everybody.

My current battle team therefore consists of the following right now:

And additionally with me but not listed as my battle team will be:

It shouldn’t be much longer until I can head out. I’ll keep you up to date!

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