Just a few hours ago I finally landed on Melemele island in Alola. What a gorgeous place this is! I’ve heard lots of stories about this place but none could prepare me for what actually awaited me here.

But let’s begin from this morning! Or rather yesterday… Time is still a bit messed up for me as the Alolan region is so far to the east of Johto. Jetlag surely will hit me hard tomorrow as it always does but I hope I will be able to meet up with Professor Kukui on time… But all later!

It was an early rise yesterday morning and then travel from Ecruteak City to Olivine City. Luckily it’s not too far and by midday I was at the airport on the other side of the city. It’s funny how small the world becomes after you have travelled a certain route a dozen times. Yet every time I go down this path I see something new. Well, it’s not that I do this every week, so things obviously change.

It was the first time for me to check in with a Pokémon Egg. I have to give it to the staff, they handled everything very well, checking on its vitals regularly alongside me, even during the night. Eggs are a fragile business and more often than not, the stress they go through with the air pressure change causes them to hatch.
Not this one tho. It is still very calm although it does show small signs of movement now and then. However it’s not about to hatch too soon still… I think…
Tomorrow I’ll also bring the egg along to Professor Kukui’s place.

The plane took off around nightfall and landed in Hau’oli City late afternoon, even though we didn’t fly for too long. I’m okay sleeping anywhere… except moving objects like planes, boats, trains… you name it… Maybe this will help with my jetlag this time?

Back in Johto it’s also winter with just shy over 5°C. Here in Alola I was greeted with nice 20°C and sunshine which is normal winter weather!
I could already get a small glimpse of the town when travelling from the airport to the local Pokémon Center where I’ll stay tonight. A lovely, vibrant city and despite that there are tourists around, the city doesn’t feel too “touristy”. Apparently this city is not only the island’s but also the region’s hotspot and therefore the busiest place of them all. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the four main islands!

I’ll now head out to said city again, this time bringing my Pokémon along. They had to stay inside their PokéBalls on the plane as I was taking care of the egg. They surely want to see this beautiful place too. We’ll probably head to the beach and try out these famous malasada!

Oh yea, one last thing I am thankful to Professor Kukui and Willow, is that they told me the traditional greeting here on Alola, which is simply “Alola”! I’ve heard it so many times already and it’s such a calm, cheerful and fitting greeting.

I actually was supposed to meet with Professor Kukui here in Hau’oli City today already. Just shortly after landing however I did get a message from him, telling me that he couldn’t be here today due to an emergency. But he wants to meet me tomorrow morning at his lab. Interestingly he wants me to be there very early, even before sunrise. I wonder what that’s all about.

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