Malie City and a little fallback

Quick update on my health status. The broken ribs don’t really wanna heal properly yet. They hurt a lot but its bearable. I have to take it very slow right now and therefore I probably won’t be doing much exciting the next few weeks.

We have arrived safely in Malie City and there’s much to see here! The Malie Library in which I had spent way too long and bored all my Pokémon to death, the beautiful Malie Garden where we all could relax a bit and the Kantonian Gym where all my team members finally could let loose and.. well.. defeated everyone… Sorry again!

Especially in that gym I noticed that I’m not yet even close to recovery. My Pokémon noticed my condition as well and put even more effort into fighting than usual. I’m really thankful but I had to scold them too, not to overdo it as I did. But I love them none the less for it.

I found out that the Kahuna of Ula’ula Island was in the city just recently and I had missed him by only a few days. He had left the day the Ultra Wormhole had opened up and went back to his station near Po Town on the other side of the island. He was actually a police officer which I think is very fitting to be the Kahuna! I can hardly wait to meet that man!

I’ll now be off slowly to Mount Hokulani to the Hokulani Observatory. In a few days, there is supposed to be a special star-shower I definitely want to see from up there. Hopefully I will get there in time with these injuries.

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