Just a quick update!

I had been resting here on Aether Paradise the last few days and feel like I am ready to head out to Ula’ula island soon.
My ribs will still take a few more weeks to fully heal obviously but there’s not much I can do except to take care. I never mentioned, but there were three broken ribs in total, two on the right and one on the left side.

Zoroark is doing okay. Still not able to stand up due to the broken leg and other injuries but it’s healing is progressing well. He will stay here at Aether Paradise until it’s hopefully able to travel with me again.

Rowlet turns out to be a fierce fighter, just like it was supposed to become at the totem Pokémon. It will take the open spot of Zoroark for now.

Pichu is also doing fine. It was mostly in its PokéBall during all the things that happened and didn’t understand much what was going on and I think that’s for the better. It has a very gentle and soft nature and I doubt it’s fit for battling. But it can travel on my shoulders, or often Torny’s, from now on.

Rotom thoroughly enjoyed the stay here as it could chat a LOT with the famous Rotom PokéDex of the Aether Foundation and learn a lot of new things about Alola. I got to know it better as well and I think it was kind of sad not to be able to come with us. I’m sure we will go on a Ultra Adventure together at some point in the future.

The rest of my team, Torny, Lucario, Luxray, Gengar and Greninja all are healed up too and eager to set out again. They were often times training amongst themselves and with Rowlet as I was often times sent back to bed to rest… Wicke can be like an overprotective mom at times and that makes her so endearing.

As I had heard, the people that got attacked and abducted were all out of the hospital too. They did send their thanks and hoped to see me in person one day to properly thank me.
Alola and Manalo.

Next destination as said will be Ula’ula Island and there I first want to visit the famous Hokulani Observatory. Did you know I actually like stars a lot?
Afterwards I’ll try to seek out the Island Kahuna called Nanu. I was warned that this man could be hard to find.

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