UB-04 Blaster – Celesteela

Another Ultra Beast appeared. Luckily this time, nothing too bad happened except that it really knocked me out for a few days.

Very late on the last night up on Mount Hokulani I got a call from Aether Paradise that an enormous Ultra Beast had entered the planets atmosphere alongside Minior. Looking out the window of the observatory I could see it right away, despite how far away it still was. That Ultra Beast was massive!
UB-04 Blaster was its original designation, later they changed it to Celesteela as it was called by someone else… Maybe I can explain that one day but for now I’ll keep this secret until I have the “okay” from the Aether Foundation.

My Rotom Phone told me it had some data in its database regarding this Ultra Beast, although it’s unclear if it would be the exact same one or just another of its kind.
Last time one of these Ultra Beasts had been found in Alola, it at first appeared to be sucking out energy from Melemele Island where it had buried itself into the ground.
But it was simply stuck and getting it free woke it up.
The Ultra Guardians on site back then managed to advert the worst during its take off. In fact the Ultra Beast was so enormously huge, when it started up it’s “engines” it created a huge wall of fire. I would have loved to see how they so quickly could retain that burning inferno. Looking out the window I already got a nice impression of that burning fire behind it’s rockets(?). After running out the building and closer to where it was about to be landing I finally managed to see just how enormous it truly was.

Celesteela however landed rather gracefully. Sure, the ground got smouldered badly and there was lots of dust and smoke in the air. But still, it was rather harmless it seemed?

But why was it here?

I didn’t have to wait long for an answer. Celesteela reached out to me with its aura. A gentle green hue. But there was an undertone. And I could immediately tell this feeling as I did have felt it too long time ago when I had started my journey. It was homesickness. It wanted to go back home to its own world.

But how?

I told Celesteela that I will try my best to help it get back. I contacted the Aether Foundation and explained them what happened and what I “thought” was the reason for it appearing. I never explicitly mentioned the whole aura reading to them and didn’t plan on doing it just yet… Somehow I managed to convince them that it would be best to send it back to where it came from. They would be sending a device over that is able to open up portals to other worlds. However, these devices run on Z-Power and a Ultra-Beast this big, will likely need an enormous amount of it.
I asked if we couldn’t capture it, open a smaller hole and bring it over myself. But sadly they told me that this would not be working. They already once tried to capture it but it was too big for the Beast Ball to fit in. I honestly didn’t have trouble believing it.
Maybe Celesteela came here because it somehow felt it could get help here. Faba told me I would mostly need Z-Power from a Steelium-Z. He continued that Molayne, who is running the observatory, usually has some at hand as they appear here on the mountain very often. He is a good friend of Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet and he surely would help out, as he did. I received a Steelium-Z from him right away and he also came out to assist in any way possible, including teaching me and my Pokémon the correct Z-Pose, although it would be me who had to channel the Z-Power to the device.

It took about 30 minutes for Faba to arrive with said portal device. He placed it near Celesteela and gave me a thumbs up.
I tried to tell Celesteela with my aura what we are about to do and that it will need to be sending me aura as well in order for the device to open up a portal to the correct world.
I gathered all the Z-Power I could muster and together with my Pokémon we did strike the pose Molayne showed us. The Z-Power gathered within me as I could feel my Pokémon also reacting to it, allowing me to build it up in the first place and then shoot it out in a continuous stream into the device on the ground.
While doing so, Celesteela sent me images of its home world into my mind. The sky was yellow and steamy. I saw big hills and large craters from where Celesteelas took off and landed in. Some craters were filled with green water and occasionally you could see a geysers shoot out of them. It was almost as I were there myself. Celesteela truly was longing to get back to this far away world.
I concentrated hard on the image and kept the Z-Power flowing. Faba yelling at me that he had located the world and there will soon be enough power to open up the portal. When that will happen, the device will suck the Z-Power out of me to open up the hope big enough and as long as it was open it would continue to draw power. I should get ready.

From this point on, my memories are a bit foggy. I noticed that Faba had yanked down the lever to generate the wormhole and the device went into overdrive to make one big enough for Celesteela. At the same time, I could feel the Z-Power being drawn out of me at an alarming rate. It felt like I was running out of air and I started to breath harder which in turn made the broken ribs hurt horrifically. I was sweating and the muscles were burning. But I had to keep at it to help it get back.
One by one my pokémon had to give up on keeping the pose and the energy flowing. However I remember one of them surprising me, Rowlet who must have known the steel type attack steel wing as it too was sending energy and suddenly peaked in output when it evolved into Dartrix! Yet it as well had to stop after a few more minutes as it too ran dry. The last one standing was me alone and I kept the flow up as consistent as possible.

The hole meanwhile had opened up to its full size and Celesteela was starting its launch sequence.
I only managed to see it take off with half closed eyes before I had to close them due to the dirt that was flying all around from the backdraft. I have a few scratches and bruises all over my body where debris had hit me but I didn’t feel it at that moment. I was in a tunnel only focusing on keeping the Z-Power flowing until it suddenly stopped. Not because I had run out completely but because Faba was able to stop the machine as the wormhole was stable enough to stay open until Celesteela would be through.
I fell forward exhausted, only to be caught by my whole team. Luckily I didn’t hit the ground otherwise the broken ribs would probably have caused even more damage. I only faintly remember seeing Celesteela enter the wormhole and feeling the warm and gentle aura of thanks before I passed out in the arms of my pokémon.

I woke up two days later here in the hospital in Malie City. According to what the doctors told me, I was in a state far beyond exhaustion and lucky I had a good enough physique from travelling. They explained the scratches and bruises, which hurt, but they were already healing. Biggest problem would be the ribs which’s fractures had ripped open again, even some cracks worsening due to the strain my body had gone through. I definitely would need a long time resting now to not have any side effects.
On my nightstand I found the Z-Power-Ring, still with the Steelium-Z attached. Lots of people visited me the following day, including Molayne who told me, I could definitely keep the Z-Crystal.
Faba and Wicke, Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet also each payed a quick visit and gave their utmost thanks. Had they known I was in this weak state, they wouldn’t have asked such a feat from me alone. Next time they will send backup, no matter what.
My pokémon were also exhausted yet in a far better state. They were all at my side constantly and it was pretty cramped in the room most of the time when they all wanted to be out of their pokéballs and at my side.

It was then on the fourth night that I had another visitor…

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