Tapu Lele

A sweet melody woke me up in the middle of the night. It was dark in the room here at the hospital. Most of my Pokémon were in their PokéBalls except for Torny who refused to leave my side since he had fully recovered himself.
The melody came from a floating Pokémon in the middle of the room. As I slowly started to see it a bit clearer in this darkness I managed to recognise the outlines. It was Tapu Lele!

The melody stopped as it saw me waking up and a giggle could be heard. I had a hard time trying to sit up but somehow managed to pull me upwards. My motion woke up Torny and also Rotom.
I shushed them tho, not wanting Tapu Lele to run away. But then I noticed it didn’t want to and came closer instead! Slowly it was closing the gap and hovering over the bed, starting to sing again a mellow melody. Alongside the new song it poured out waves of energy that seemed to wrap around me, making me feel incredibly light.
The aura of Tapu Lele did wake up Lucario out of his PokéBall who even before me immediately understood what was happening and summoned out all my other Pokémon too.
The song was reaching a crescendo and I could hear steps from outside the room. Probably a nurse checking on where the sound came from in the middle of the night.
The Z-Power-Ring on my nightstand started to glow too. Instinctively I reached out and as I touched it, I felt the Z-Power surge within me! I felt my power return and my body shift as the pain in my chest faded away!
The door opened up and a nurse stood there perplexed, not knowing what to say when she saw the glowing Tapu Lele above me and all my Pokémon surrounding the bed. She told me later, that I had been glowing too at that moment, almost like one of the Totem Pokémon.

The song had reached its finale and with a loud giggle, Tapu Lele did teleport away. Only the light from the Z-Power-Ring was still shining on for a bit longer before also slowly fading.

The following hours where rather hectic… Much happened and I don’t need to tell you that it was a bit chaotic. Tapu Lele had healed me. No more broken bones. I was still very tired as it seemed to use my own as well as my Pokémon’s Z-Power in order to heal me. But I was healed!

The doctors don’t want to let me go until tomorrow to be sure that I’m truly okay. But now that the bones and fixed, the scratches and bruises are gone, there’s not much need for me to stay any longer than another full night of rest.

One thing I’ll only write here and didn’t show the doctors is that I seem to have a star-shaped scar or mark on my hands now. No clue where it came from.

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