Tapu Village

The last few days I travelled down the east side of Ula’ula Island, having fun with some Mantine surfing at Ula’ula Beach and have now reached Tapu Village.
Up until now I had only seen the Tapu Pokémon as grateful and shy protectors of these lands. Here however I see how much power they can unleash when they’re angry, as Tapu Village used to be a nice small sea-side village that now is completely destroyed.

According to the local people, it was Tapu Bulu who reeked havoc when the people build a megamart on its sacred grounds. Only the Pokémon Center was not harmed back then and it’s still up and running.
Since the village is no more, the megamart also was abandoned and left as a ruin. It has now been claimed by ghost type Pokémon who didn’t actually were very much present on Alola beforehand.

Nothing special has happened lately as I am travelling around the island to reach Po Town in order to ask the Kahuna of Ula’ula for a Grand Trial.
According to locals, I shall visit the Aether House, an orphanage, along the way if I want to know more about Alola as there is a rather old and big library there. My pokémon were already feeling restless only hearing the word library. I promised them, not to stay too long as I know they cannot read the books and would only be bored as long as I’m there.

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