Rainy Season

For the last few days I’ve been helping out on various islands against the ongoing rain. It seems like it’s starting to calm down now for the upcoming weekend but man, the last couple of weeks were crazy.

Rain at this time of the year is not uncommon here in Alola. However this year, the rain season was much more violent compared to previous years.

It started with very strong thunderstorms, as if multiple Zapdos did group up in the clouds. Then came huge masses of water as if Kyogre did group up in the seas. And finally the earth started to slide away from the ongoing water as if Regirock did group up to rebuild the earth.

So there was lots of shovelling, sand bag throwing and impromptu repairing going on the last couple of days. But as said it looks like the rain will now dry up or a while. Time to go out and thoroughly check the damage. I accepted a help offer to travel around and up Mount Lanakila on Ula’ula island and access the damage there. This will take quite a while I assume.

Speaking of quite a while, due to the unexceptional strong rain and the damage right now, the Manalo Conference has been postponed until further notice. It makes more sense right now to help out the people and Pokémon. Once that is done, we can celebrate it truly, in the spirit of the meaning of Manalo!

So then, I’ll stay here on Ula’ula Island (yes, I’m actually already in the Pokémon Center in Malie City) for a while and help out wherever I can.
Until next time!

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