New lights appear on the sky

You still know my Shinx which is travelling with me right? His leg finally healed up completely and his strength is also back ^^ Just before we left Eterna City I got the final report from the pokémon centre that everything is good again!

So with more happiness than ever we travelled north to the Eterna Reservation. It’s a pretty big area where the people from Eterna City try to keep it as natural as possible. No cars are allowed to drive there, except for the people which life in this area of course and if there’s an emergency. But there is a small train which brings tourists deeper inside so they don’t have to walk the whole way.
I decided to walk in and then depending on the situation take the train out or walk out again too. We will see 😀

After a day of travel I encountered another trainer who was on his way back to the City. He was ready for a battle and I accepted his invite happily ^^
We made a one vs. one fight which did give me a little trouble at first. He sent in a Skorupi which I only heard of before. I myself sent in my Star ☆! However after a few minutes of hard fighting my Star ☆ suddenly began to glow! It evolved! 😀 My new Staravia Star ☆ could finish Skorupi off with not a lot of trouble and I won my first fight in this Reservation! 😀

Also my other pokémon had a few fights during the travels to the west-side of this place. All of them did learn some new tricks and gained some strength ^^

And today, my little Shinx which decided to battle me! It was now ready to prove his strength in a battle against my Torny.
The fight was not easy. I did never know that Shinx had that much power! Sure he never showed it before and he also wanted to show me as much as possible ^^;
A few minuted of hard battle were over and Shinx accepted that with my help he could get stronger and happier than he ever was and he let me catch him!

Now it was finally time to give him a name. From that day on I call him Comet!

With two new pokémon I am on my way back to Eterna City for the gym battle! Take care, my team is really strong now! 😀

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