Catching a ghost

As I wrote on my twitter account, I went out to catch a ghost pokémon. I know that the next gym leader Fantina is using ghosts. I come from Ecruteak City and as you may know and our gym leader Morty also uses ghost pokémon. He told us young kids a lot about ghosts and hey, I even could beat him and get his badge ;D
So I tried to teach my new pokémon how they have to deal with ghosts. But it’s hard to teach without having a real ghost to show ^^; So I decided to catch a ghost and train ’em together with it!

I waited till midnight. Sure, ghosts come out at dawn already. But as we learned in Mortys lessons, firstly the young ghosts and later the older and stronger ghosts come out to ‘play’ ;D
Torny was out of his ball all the time. The presence of a pokémon and a human increases the chance of ghost pokémon to appear since they are pretty playful. Trust me, they are ^^;

After a few walking around and searching I finally noticed a shadow behind a tree. Once I was closer I pulled out my Pokédex to check what it was. In front of me was a to me so far unknown pokémon called Duskull! Sadly it noticed me and my Torny and ran away.. Was probably still a young one… oh well..

But right at this moment I noticed the presence of another ghost behind us! Torny and I turned around and there we had a pretty big Gastly! It was smiling widely over his round body.
I spoke to him that told him that I will fight and try to catch him. He can run away now and I’ll promise not to follow if he doesn’t want to fight.
He created a small Shadow Ball and threw it in our direction. His answer was clear, the fight started!

Torny ignited his fire, but only to 50%. We noticed, wild pokémon mostly run away when Torny starts with full power. We did not want to scare this one off too much. Gastly did float back a bit when he realised that we are not an easy opponent. But he caught himself again and tried the same with us, sending us a Mean Look! As I said, we know a lot about ghosts and this attack has no effect on us anymore ;D
Now it was our turn! To test it’s strength Torny first used Ember. The Gastly countered with Confuse Ray, not a bad idea. The Ray did in fact negate the ember and even nearly reached Torny! But we were faster, with a quick attack Torny ran to Gastly and right through it! That’s normal since it’s a ghost. However, that was exactly what we wanted, once Torny was behind Gastly he used his Flame Wheel, one of his best attacks. Gastly had no chance to evade that attack and got fully hit from behind.
But it was not over!
But Gastly also knew some nasty tricks! He used Spite, a move which you barely notice until it might be too late. I luckily noticed it and knew that Torny’s Flame Wheel now was blocked for a few minutes! I told it Torny too and Gastly was a little angry but also impressed that I noticed that.
Now Gastly because really serious. He did send out a Night Shade. It got darker around us but we could evade the main attack. Right after this he sent a Curse out in Torny’s direction! Torny could luckily evade in the last moment! But.. due to the Night Shade before I stood right behind Torny and my reaction is not as fast as the one of my pokémon. The Curse hit me.
I may grew up with ghosts and already got hit by a few of these curses. But this one really was strong. My legs fold together right away and I fell to the ground. My view got darker but I did not black out. On all four I told my Torny to use 100% now. His flames now burned as I was used to it! I slowly could stand on my feel again, my legs still shaking. The Curse would be over until Gastly was defeated.
I let Torny use a Leer first which together with the bigger fire behind him had big effect. Next he sent out a Smoke Screen right in Gastly’s eyes! He may thought that there’s a big fog now around him, but only is eyes were covered with smoke and dust.
Another quick attack let Torny disappear out of Gastly’s small view. He prepared for the worst. But it did not have any chance left. Since his Flame Wheel was still blocked, I ordered Torny to use his Flamethrower.
A direct hit from the left side finished Gastly off. The stronger power was too much for Gastly. The gas which normally surrounds a Gastly was nearly not visible anymore. Also his course slowly started to fade. It really was knocked out. I reached for the Pokéball I prepared earlier and threw it as Gastly. I was unsure if I shall use a Dusk Ball before the fight. But since i was now pretty sure to being bale to catch it, I used a Friend Ball. It would help me to get in contact with Gastly faster.
The ball hit Gastly and it disappeared into the ball. The ball fell to the ground. It wiggled two-three times slightly and then the red light on the front went off. I caught a Gastly!

It may was not that normal but afterwards I went to a nearby Pokécenter. It was not normal since it was in the middle of the night.. About two o’clock when I reached it ^^;
I gave my pokémon to Nurse Joy and went to bed. The curse hit me again.. Or well, maybe it was also just the normal sleep XD

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