How to fight a ghost

The last few nights I trained my pokémon, mostly Passy, Star ☆, Chelt and Comet with fights against Gan, my Gastly. I don’t know if it is the special Friendship Ball or the fact that I grew up with ghosts, but Gan and I became great friends in no time. And also my team and Gan accepted each other right away which made me really happy ^^

During the training I noticed that Passy and Star ☆ had really big problems to land hits against Gan. I did all of them try on their own first to attack the ghost, but of course all failed and simply went right through it XD
With a few tips from me they could land hits but these two had bigger trouble since they don’t know a lot of attacks suited against ghosts yet.

Because the main goal of these training was to get the upper hand against ghosts, I started to make a more intensive training only with Gan, Celt and Comet.
Chelt was it who feared Gan the most when he met him. As you may know, Chelt is a little coward. But during the battles there no frightening in his eyes anymore. It’s always fascinating… Normally grass attacks are not that strong against ghosts, but his absorb became a pretty impressive weapon.
As for Comet, I was still afraid to let it fight too much. I don’t know why, due to the long time taking care of his broken leg, I got ‘too nice’ with him. Luckily I have my Torny! Always when I start to get ‘too nice’ again, Torny gives me a chomp on my head… Learning new lessons is hard, even for a trainer XD
Comets Sparks had nice effect already against Gan but even better when we combined it with Charge.

Then two days ago during a special midnight training when ghost pokémon naturally are the strongest, there appeared another ghost pokémon! A Duskull!
I did see one already and heard that they sometimes like to make fun but this one was not here to have fun, it wanted a fight.
Comet and Chelt prepared to battle it together and they were able to land a few good hits. Right before I thought we can win something started to happen with Duskull, it evolved into Dusclops!

Both, Chelt and Comet suddenly frightened and seemed like they did forget everything I told ’em about ghost pokémon. They randomly attacked with Tackles which did not have any effect against Dusclops. In return, Dusclops used all kind of attacks against mine, from ghost moves like Shadow Punch or Shadow Sneak to Ice Punch against Comet and Will-O-Wisp against Chelt. They did not stand a chance… But suddenly my pokémon also started to glow! Both at once!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Comet evolved into Luxio and Chelt into Grotle!
The new strength they felt let them get back their courage. Now it was Dusclops who started to frighten! A few great Mega Drains and Sparks later, Dusclops was knocked out.

Of course I had to take the chance and threw a Dusk Ball. Dusclops disappeared inside the ball. A few wiggles and then the nice sound that it was caught!

We were ready for the gym battle. Now time to recover, set up a strategy and then, here we are Fantina!

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