What kind of Pokémon?

I am still on the way to Veilstone City. The street takes me through smaller hills, fields with long grass but also wide plains. In two days I should be in Veilstone City. However the weather is said to change a little to the worse soon, so it may will take a little longer.

My pokémon are still trying to learn new moves. Torny tries to learn Flame Charge and it’s already working pretty well. Passy and Chelt are training together recovery moves, Passy Rest and Chelt Synthesis. They still need some time till these moves really work. Star ? learned Aerial Ace and is trying to improve it even more. It wants perfection ^^; Comet is training Thunderbolt but so far it’s unable to charge enough electricity yet. Maybe I should let it train with Torny?.. I’ll see… And Gan is working hard on Hex however it’s still hard for him to focus. The Hex mostly hits itself… I will try to focus more on him.

During the training today, another trainer came along. She saw what I was doing and asked for a little fight to help me with the training! Of course I accepted!

Her name is Asano and she’s from Mistralton City. I never heard of this place so she told me she’s from the Unova region and now trying her luck here in Sinnoh too. Unova.. I did hear of this region already. It’s said to be really far away. So far, that they even started with the route numbers at 1 again! I was already wondering what kind of pokémon she will use!

Asano asked if it would be okay to make a one against one fight, her strongest against my strongest! I said okay and called my Torny. Asano pulled out a Pokéball and sent in her Reuniclus! I made a picture as you can see.

I had no clue what kind of pokémon this was. From the colour I would say grass? Asano did show me quickly that I was wrong and ordered Reuniclus to attack my Torny with Psywave! A psycho pokémon!
Torny got hit pretty badly. We both were surprised how strong this Reuniclus was! To beat this I had to think about a strategy really fast!

To get some more time, I let Torny use his SmokeScreen. But Reuniclus was faster and used Light Screen to block the SmokeScreen from spreading too wide. Asano really trained that pokémon well!
Torny now used Leer which did have a little effect. Reuniclus seemed to back-pedal an attack is was preparing and lost its focus. Now was my turn! Go Torny, Flame Charge!

Torny charged up and ran thoward Reuniclus – it worked! Reuniclus got hit pretty hard! Grinning, Torny jumped back and I let him use Defence Curl.

I did not have to wait long for a counterattack of Reuniclus. Asano snipped with her fingers and ordered Reuniclus to finish this fight now with Rollout!
I knew my opponent was strong. Torny knew this too. But we underestimated Reuniclus and wanted to block it.
Reuniclus rolled over Torny one, two, three, four, five times! Torny stood no chance..
Smiling about the awesome fight I ran to Torny to help it get up.

Asano and I did talk about pokémon, training and the awesome world we live in. She told me a lot about the Unova region. It really sounded like a place to go once..
At late afternoon, my team and I had to continue on our way to Veilstone City. Asano was travelling the other way to Hearthome City.
But before we said goodbye, we swear to fight against each other again in the Sinnoh league!

Asano, next time, it will be harder against me! I’m already eager to fight against you again!

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