This week I stayed in Veilstone City to help cleaning up. It’s now already over one week since the earthquake and the big wave. Here, everything is starting to work normal again. Also at my home it’s pretty normal again, a few days before I could finally call my parents in Ecruteak City.
Another part of the ruins of the burned Brass Tower did crash together. No one got hit but it’s sad to head that this tower fell apart even more now.

Mostly the regions right in between Kanto and Sinnoh got pretty much damaged. We all are currently trying to help them too in some way. It’s really great how everyone is working together. But a few cities are hardly reachable. And in between it even started snowing down there! I may be higher up in the north but we don’t have snow here currently.
Biggest problem is said to be a big electricity building which doesn’t want to stop burning. Even the pokémon rangers got called there already to help with the flames. However so far without any big progress. I wish I could help there too but it’s too far away and they only want professional helpers to be there.

But at least here in Veilstone I could do some work. During my help here, one of my pokémon also evolved! My Gan is now a Haunter! And I also did see a lot more pokémon which were helping with the cleaning, mending and repairing of the city!

In the pokémon centers are more Happiny, Chansey and even Blissey then I’ve ever seen! All trainer which had one did call them here. Luxio, Luxray, Magnemite, Magneton and Magnezone did help with the electricity for the time where it did not work. One guy with his Abomasnow did rebuild so much! I really would like to battle him once.. but he did leave the city already yesterday. Also a pair of Rhyperior and a Probopass did alternately hold a crashing building for over two days while some workers did rebuild the walls!
I did help in the pokémon center with the computers and also helped together with Torny to carry wood and stones. Passy and Gen did also hold pillars, Passy with his body and Gen with his psycho forces. Comet of course helped with the electricity which was a great training for him. I think he’s as strong as he never was before! Chelt did help with the plants and Star ☆ worked as postman! Not just inside Veilstone, all over the area! It now knows Sinnoh so well, I can easily ride Star ☆ and fly to every place I want here 😀

In the next few days I’ll continue my journey, the people here said that I shall not stay here for so long. They’re okay now and will be able to handle the rest by them self, okay!

So I’ll go down on Route 214 and then turn east to Route 222 to go to Sunyshore City again. I think, this could be the fastest way. However is said, that the gym leader of Sunyshore, Volkner, is really tough. I’ll decide once I’m at the end of Route 214.

And now good night! Soon a new day starts.

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