Searching for a missing Blitzle

Recently I did stay here around Spring Path. A circus opened its doors just a few days before the big earthquake. Luckily no one got insured but some cages did get damaged and the pokémon inside took the chance and ran away!

The circus is from the area Unova, which is said to be far, far away… again more from this area.. I really need to go there soon I guess…

Anyway! The pokémon which did escape were, Sandile, Deerling and Sawsbuck. We could get them back in a few hours, up to a day. But one Pokémon did hide itself really good – a so called Blitzle.

Days passed by searching for this Blitzle. Due to the lil bit rainy weather, the ground did stay a little mud. This caused footprints not to disappear too fast. Everyday we found new ones from that Blitzle. They leaded us eastward, close to the Sendoff Spring.

Right before the first hills, we suddenly noticed, that there were not just the footprints of the missing Blitzle, but also new ones! They looked pretty familiar to me and with the help of my pokédex I found out, that these new ones belong to a Girafarig!

And what could we find close to these new tracks inside the woods? The two pokémon snuggling with each other! So that was the reason why Blitzle did run away so far!

We brought both pokémon back to the circus. Girafarig happily joined the team there because it wanted to stay with Blitzle. Together they were new stars in a new show and I was lucky to be one of the first to see it ^^/

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