At home

You might be wondering where I am right now. To make it easier to follow my journey, I’ll add a tracker somewhere somehow. Still figuring out how this website works…
As for now I’m back home in Ecruteak City in Johto preparing for my next journey. It probably will be a short one as later this year I’ll be heading out to the new pokémon league in the Galar region that only recently opened its doors. This time I am definitely aiming for the top spot!

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Now with glasses

I think that tells all already, I am now officially a four eye ;D

As I told last time, I wanted to go and check my eyes. The things is, my eyes are not too bad. But still, in the distance I have some trouble to see things. With the glasses I see perfect again and I was surprised when I first put them on, how much more I could see!
It may happen in the fututre that I won’t need them anymore, that my eyes will get better again over the years. But I kinda like them and will surly enjoy wearing them ^^ 

Side note: Picture was made by the awesome talented Chibi-Challenge from deviantART!

On the way to New Bark Town

After a long time my new adventure-website is finally ready and I also can make my first official post here in my new blog!

Yesterday we set out for our next destination, New Bark Town! No, I don’t want to do the Johto-League again. I want to go there to meet Professor Elm and to give him my pokémon. After that I want to start in a new region and just with one pokémon – of course my Torny. It’s surly not easy to start new but we think it’s the best way to evolve further.

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