My days in Sunyshore City

For a little while I am in Sunyshore City now. You may wonder what keeps me here for so long right? The recent earthquakes did have a pretty big impact on this place. Firstly the earthquake itself which did damage the gym really badly and a little later the small flood wave which set a big part of the city underwater. Luckily no one got harmed but the city did get some damage.

The lower level of Sunyshore is already completely rebuilt. You would not belief how it looked like a few months before. Now we are working on the upper levels. With ‘we’ I mean a group of trainers which traveled by and said they’ll lend a hand, aid-helpers and of course the people here from Sunyshore.

I myself am working hard at the gym. The damage it had was so big that we had to clean it out completely and rebuilt it from the ground! It was way too dangerous to let it stand like this for much longer. Now the gym stands again and we are working at the interior.

A few trainer which had to continue with their journey already could battle Volkner again inside the gym! Working here with all the elektro-pokémon helps me and my pokémon a lot to train our self for our battle. By now we know where their weakness lies and I soon will also ask for the gym-fight.

Meanwhile while working here, some of my pokémon evolved!
Firstly my Chelt did evolve into a Torterra! I am really happy and my Chelt too! Since he evolved he really changed personality and this to the good! As little Turtwig he was always scared and shy. Now he fears no challenge! But one thing did not change, it’s always happy and smiling the whole time ^^
The second pokémon that evolved is my Comet which turned into a Luxray! All the electro-pokémon here in the gym really made it gain energy, power and mostly confidence! However it turned a little wilder because it could freely run around here wherever it wanted. Once I will be back on the road I bet it won’t like to be inside the pokéball for too long at first. But still, I don’t think I have to worry about anything.

So, the day is over! Be ready, soon you’ll hear of an awesome fight between me and Volker!

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