On the way to the Sinnoh League Suzuran Tournament

The battle yesterday was awesome! It proved to me, how ready we are for the Sinnoh League. My Passy could win his first fight against Weavile without too big trouble. And Gan also could handle Froslass pretty well, despite of the strong attacks from it. But my Torny’s strength was unreachable for any of Candice’s pokémon.
Thanks a lot guys, you cannot believe how happy and proud I am as trainer of such a great team!



Sorry XD

My pokémon sometimes watch me when I type these entries and they seem to be able to read.. at least they did hug and glomp me just now lols ;P




I have all eight badges now so my way to the Sinnoh League is free and we are ready!

To get there I need to travel south back to Sunyshore City and then north again over the sea to the Sinnoh League. Because It’s too cold up in the sky around this place, I am not able to fly all the way to Sunyshore City with my Star ☆. Firstly we will travel through the snow to Mt. Coronet and walk through the cave to get to Celestic Town. From there we can fly to Veilstone City, rest and then continue the flight to Sunyshore City. once there I will have to look for a way to cross the ocean.
If you look at the map, then you see that Veilstone City actually would be really close to the League right? But I need to go to Sunyshore first for the first League-Confirmation, that’s why I will travel there. Plus there is a nice boat-service I’ve been told which will take you directly to the island, right into the Sinnoh League area.

By the way did you know? The whole event is called the Sinnoh League Suzuran Tournament!

In the Sinnoh League it depends on the amount of people how the whole tournament will go. If there are a lot (over 64), I will first have to make a few qualifying rounds.
If I pass them, I’ll be in the Suzuran Tournament for the champion. Depending on the amount of people at that time, there will be either 8, 16, 32 or 64 spots for the tournament.
The higher up I will be able to climb, the more pokémon I will have to use for the battles. The qualifying rounds are either three on each side or double fights (2 vs.2). No one knows before the fights what will happen.
In case there are a lot trainers, the first few rounds of the tournament will be with 4 pokémon, at the last sixteen 5 pokémon and the semi final and final are full 6 vs. 6 battles.

Because of all the long battles, I will shut down the battle broadcaster beta to the minimum, or you’d get flooded with tweets ^^; Also I will try to put as much as I know about the ongoing league online.

Okay, now I will go to bed and tomorrow gather all the things I need for the first part of the Journey to Celestic Town. Of course I’ll try to update from time to time.

And for all my opponents out there: My team and I are ready for battle and we’re nothing easy to deal with!

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